Adac: 2010 was a year of breakdowns

Adac: 2010 was a year of breakdowns

Munich, 1. February 2011 – adac was busier in 2010 than ever before. In total, the club’s approximately 1700 roadside assistance personnel and their road service partners were involved in 4.250.724 breakdowns. Compared to the previous year, this was an increase of 8.1 percent.

The highest number of operations on 4. January 2010

One reason for this, according to the automobile club, was the harsh winter at the beginning of last year. January 4. January 2010 was the busiest.798 breakdowns, was the day with the highest number of calls. But it was not only the icy cold that caused weak batteries and other technical defects. In the summer, too, the roadside assistance teams had to cope with extreme heat of over 35 degrees celsius. The changed travel behavior of vacationers – according to the adac, more and more vacationers are traveling by car – is another reason for the high number of breakdowns.

Battery as most frequent cause

Defective or flat batteries were the most frequent technical cause of breakdowns to which roadside assistance was called. Over 900.000 times the vehicle was jump-started. Other breakdowns were caused by ignition systems and tires, followed by starters and alternators. But not always when the adac was called, it was due to a defect in the car. Almost 100.000 motorists needed help because they had locked themselves out. Around 25.000 times they were able to continue their journey "fuel donation" fuel donation. In 186.000 cases, adac helped at the scene of the accident, secured the road or provided first aid.

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British finance minister: “the end of the austerity policy is in sight”

British Finance Minister:'das ende der sparpolitik ist in sicht'

Philip hammond introduces the draft budget. Image: gov.Uk / open government license

Philip hammond presented the draft budget for 2019 with multi-spending and threatens his party colleagues with the consequences of one "no deal"-brexit

The british minister of finance philip hammond is one "remainer" – an opponent of the eu’s exit from the eu. He is a member of the conservative party. That does not make his job easier. Whatever he does, rough parts of his own parliamentary group and the party membership will always harm him – partly right – to use his office for a campaign to the growth of the brexit vote.

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Softwarequality: amazon releases codeguru for productive use

SoftwareQuality: Amazon releases Codeguru for productive use

As part of its last-year-old customer event re: invent amazon had already introduced the service codeguru. Now developers are the tool for quality control and code optimization released in a version (ga – general availability) available for productive use. Codeguru uses the analysis of machine-learning algorithms to create proposals for more efficient codes design and contribute to a higher quality.

The tool adapted to use with a variety of aws services combines two components, a reviewer and a profiler. Codeguru reviewer can integrate developers like other prousing tools in their development process when they import new java code into their repository. Codeguru not only support aws codecommit, but also github, github enterprise or bitbucket cloud. Codeguru reviewer then open a pull request and starts checking automatically. The integrated ml models have been amazon with code review data of more than 10.000 open source projects trained on github.

Check and examine

The second component, the codeguru profiler, should help developers to find their "most expensive lines code", as it is called in the amazon blog post to envision of the tool. For this purpose, the profiler developers gives insights into the runtime behavior of their software to provide any performance bottlenecks and to initiate measures to resolve as well as the general optimization of the code. The aim is to improve the java code (or more jvm languages) so far that the compute costs for use of the software on cloud services such as aws lambda, amazon ec2, amazon ecs, aws fargate or aws elastic beanstalk, but also on-premises, have to be kept low.

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Brown coal, green washed

About the opposed, but often successful argumentation strategies of germany’s large carbon dioxide ier rwe

Nuclear power? Helps against climate change. Climate change? Is not a concrete danger. The argumentation strategies of germany’s large carbon dioxide ier rwe are quite opposed, amazingly multi-faceted and often crowned success. Without them, the bundestag was probably not allowed to build the coarse carbon dioxide spin in europe

Contrusion freedom looks a little different: on the one hand, the essener energieriesieg rwe emphasizes its nuclear contribution to the reduction of the greenhouse effect: "our nuclear power plants", four at the number, "avoid around 40 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions in the year."The exit from nuclear energy, rwe is talking about, from the point of view of climate care. On the other hand, the company dear in september 2006 to deny his salaries before the kolner oberlandesgericht that the greenhouse effect is a real problem at all. The lawyers, staffed by the renowned law firm baker mckenzie, languages of "subjective perception" of a "adopted [n] danger", which is "neither concretely opposite".

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Now patch! Attacks on e-mail security appliances of sonicwall

Patch now! Attacks on E-mail Security Appliances of SonicWall

Admins that use sonicwall email security should bring the protective software to the current status. The reason for the network uplift documents are on systems. In error-adjusted versions, the developers have closed three security.

Admin accounts from nothing

At the most dangerous, the as "critical" stained vulnerability with the id cve-2021-20021. Successfully set the attacker at the lucke, they were able to create a warning message by sending the blobe sending praparized http traffic without authentication admin accounts.

By taking advantage of another lucke (cve-2021-20022), attackers were able to load files on systems. The degree of threat is considered "high". The third vulnerability (cve-2021-20023) has not yet been classified. An attackers could access actually silenced files. What cheeks take advantage of attackers is currently unknown.

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Patent dispute: sonos achieves sales ban for google’s pixel 4a and nest audio

Patent dispute: Sonos achieves sales ban for Google's Pixel 4A and Nest Audio

In a patent dispute between the speaker provider sonos and google jerks germany at the center. Sonos scored an interim borrowing against google ireland. With the fraction, the sale of products with the transmission technology google cast prohibited, said chefjusticiar eddie lazarus in the night to thursday. Among other things, the smartphone pixel 4a, the speaker nest audio and the app youtube music. Which court, when decided, did not share the group.


Google shared in a first reaction, one went to vocation and wait for the burial of the court ruling. "We are extracted that sonos has made false information about our partnership and technology." on thursday, the smartphone and the speakers were offered to buy in google’s german online shop.

Google cast is a technology to play audio and video from the internet rates. Sonos poses google, among other things with the software to hurt several patents of the company. Google counterparted with your own.

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Keyboard with giant trackpad for ipad pro

Keyboard with giant trackpad for ipad pro

The accessory breeder brydge specialized in keyboards and docking stations has introduced an all-in-one keyboard for the ipad pro with 12.9 inches coarse display, which contains the previously large integrated integration for the tablet. The periphery is compatible with all current ipad pro-12.9 models for generation 3.

Connection via bluetooth

The creation area of the brydge 12.9 max + should be opposite the process of brydge 12.9 pro + doubled – apple’s magic keyboard also has a smaller trackpad. The hardware is attached via a magnetic jerk part on the ipad, which simultaneously protects the display. Connected by bluetooth. With a battery charge, it should last three months. The keyboard is backlit with adjustable brightness; in addition, brydge is installed in contrast to apple a function keybar with media functions and a sleep / wake button.

New firmware for multitouch

Brydge had published a new firmware in the spring year, which should give the keyboards full trackpad functionality – so as with apple’s magic keyboard, which is connected to the smart connector with the ipad via the smart connector. This means that multouch gestures are possible for the first time. For a long time, one was drawn with the brydge system here.

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New safety rules at online shopping

New safety rules at online shopping

If you use a credit card or paypal when shopping on the net, you should be more frequenting from january 2021 "strong customer authentication" (sca) stoben. This particular form of two-factor authentication writes the second european payment serviceslline (psd2) in the eu now binding for the mentioned payment methods. This ends the phase in which the european financial supervisors have not yet enforced the sca on the trade associations.

When how where?

For them as a consumer means that after clicking on "pay" essentially often a security query of your credit institution ("card outstanding bank") can appear. The names of the procedures remain the same: you talk about "3d secure"; the own names of mastercard are "identity check" and "secure code", visa calls you "visa secure" and "verified by visa", american express "safekeep".

When query you must take the booking with a second factor, similar to the online banking. This can be a tan that you receive by sms (plus security question) or after the scan of a code with a reader. However, many banks also use the smartphone as a platform on which they have to confirm approximately a punctured in the push process query. Make sure that your reader, mobile phone or smartphone also displays the handler as well as the preservation and amount of purchasing correctly. Since every bank and savings bank are free in which procedures they offer them, they should inform themselves timely there. We have put together an overview of many banks last year.

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Finally friendly

Finally friendly

Koln, 22. February 2013 – citroen shows at the geneva motor show (7. To 17. Marz 2013) a slightly refreshed c3. The success model has been sold almost three million times since 2002.

Finally friendly

The changed form of coarse air intake lit the small car a lot more friendly than the process ongoing since 2009 with its comparatively aggressive grill. Significantly of seruser and adult makes him the brand logo, which has now adapted to the other models and spreads wide between the headlamps with chrome strips. Led strips in the stobfang now serve as daytime running lights. The tail lights are supplemented in the lower area around lateral jerk emitters. In addition to a new blue as a baking paint "bleu encre" (ink blue) are also offered for the c3 seat cushion, whose colors are matched to the trim of the valve board.

New three-cylinder

As new engines citroen offers the "pure tech"-ottomotors. The two 68 and 82 hp three-cylinders have a displacement of 1.0 and 1.2 liters and should consume around a quarter less fuel than the four-cylinder in the process. The manufacturer estimates the manufacturer to 4.3 or 4.5 liters. As a further gasoline engine, the known vti 120 can be ordered.

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