Eu states: ‘jein’ to release patents for covid-19 vaccines

Eu countries: 'yes and no' covid-19 vaccines for release of patents for'jein' zur freigabe von patenten fur covid-19-impfstoffe

A rapid suspension of patent protection for covid-19 vaccines is not desirable, according to the eu member states. Close cooperation between all relevant public and private actors is crucial to increase the production capacity and global care with vaccines against the novel coronavirus, the eu council of ministers writes into intellectual rights in conclusions on european politics.

Action against rechtsverstobe and "piracy"

The eu countries see it with the paper decided on friday as a "promising way", "on voluntary solutions for sharing intellectual property, know-how and data to leave worldwide access to critical products for the diagnosis to ensure treatment and pravention of covid-19 ". Generally, "intellectual property" is very important for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as the economic recovery after the corona crisis. Against legal assistance in this area such as product folds and "piracy" must therefore be decided.

The council generally underlines the need for strongly global support, in particular through the covax initiative, to make a vacuum offering to many earthburgers. It is all about donations of industrialized countries. The body thus appeals to all vaccine-producing countries, "actively participate in global efforts to increase global care".

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Ck63 s: carlsson makes the mercedes c 63 amg even stronger

Ck63 s: carlsson makes the mercedes c 63 amg even stronger

Merzig, 20. October 2008 – for a middle-class sedan, the mercedes c 63 amg is not silent: its 6.3-liter v8 delivers 457 hp and a torque of 600 newton meters. That’s enough for a sprint value of 4.5 seconds and a directed tip of 250 km / h. That does not satisfy you? Tuner carlsson from merzig weib council ..

3.8 seconds on tempo 100

After the cure in the saarland county town, the power-benz is called "ck63 s". Power kits in different stages continue to drive the engine power into the high: in the last expansion stage, up to 565 hp in the c-amg. Maximum torque growth on 685 newton meters. Therefore, therefore, the time for the acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h: 3.8 seconds the carlsson needs to the magical brand. The tip is only trained at 300 km / h. To renew a sports air filter, a three-part motor cover made of carbon fiber and a carlsson lettering in chrome. A sports silencer should provide for tremendous sound.

Coiler and blocking differential

The carlsson rs coil driver is infinitely variable in the high adjustable. With the individually adjustable steam characteristic, the driver can also optimize the setup according to his taste. In order for the multi-performance on the asphalt not clears out in smoke, the installation of a torque-fuoll slat lock differential with variable blocking value is recommended. The value can be set individually before installation.

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E10: what brings the new biosprit?

The one see biosprit as a guarantee for more climate protection in traffic. The others refer to a unfortunate competition between tank and plate – and fear of higher fuel prices. "The requirement of the biosprit has hunger crawls", says about the boss of the muncher ifo institute, the okonom hans-werner sense. So the tortilla crisis in 2007 was created by the high corn requirement in mexico. Biosprit is an expensive wrong, meaning sense.

Now 2011 comes a new biofuel to the german petrol stations, in the field of eggs e10. Instead of a former funf-percent admixture of ethanol to the fuel, superbenziene are added ten percent ethanol. However, the bioethanol mixture was able to be consuming in many places in the course of the first quarter on the petroleum, as the conversion for mineral groups and gas stations is expensive.

Federal government and bundesrat had frosted the way in autumn for the introduction of the new organic super-festival, with which an eu directive is implemented. 90 percent of the cars can be refueling e10 – usually all cars from year of construction 1990, with brands like audi, ford, opel, vw or bmw are almost all models e10-suitable. At mercedes almost all cars produced after 1985. But about 3.5 million cars do not tolerate the new fuel – in case of doubt one asks best at the manufacturer. "If you are not sure, you should continue to refuel the normal, with funf percent bioethanol petrol", say transport minister peter ramsauer (csu). By 2013, this common fuel continues to be relevant.

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Vw tiguan now also with front drive

Vw tiguan now also with front drive

Wolfsburg, 13. November 2008 – already in his appearance, it became known that the vw tiguan was also launched in a version with pure front drive on the market, now the time has come. The new basic model of the trend equipment series fun is optional with a gasoline or a diesel engine.


The 1,4-liter tsi motor with a twincher with 150 hp fills the euro 5 standard and consumes 7.4 liters to 100 kilometers according to the manufacturer. Even with front-wheel drive, the tiguan still brakes a maximum trailing burst of 2000 kilograms – at eight percent gradient. His basic price is 25.800 euros.

The two-liter tdi engine makes 140 hp and should consume 5.9 liters per 100 kilometers. His torque maximum of 320 newton meters is already available at 1750 tours. From 27.900 euros is the diesel variant.

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Big sur: cleaved personality in the version number

Big Sur: cleaved personality in the version number

To the surprises on apple’s this year developer meeting world wide developer conference (wwdc) 2020 paid the fact that macos made a rough leap forwards to its version number. Big sur officially does not use how generally accepted, macos 10.16, but is officially designated by the manufacturer as macos 11. Reason for the comprehensive design cheers that apple has made, the group itself.

That was it with mac os x – actually

So that the mac-os x-ara, which started almost 20 years ago, is actually officially finished. However, if you look at a look at the beta of probably the new mac operating system appearing in october, will find that macos 11 has not arrived anywhere. In fact, big sur makes a kind of version number technical double life.

The new macos is simultaneously as macos 11 and macos 10.16, depending on which place you look at. As the developer howard oakley has found, it depends on what you query – and depending on big sur answers differently.

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