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Starship troopers

Pulp scifi in the look of the trigger years

The movie about the web and pc game

In 1998 hardly started, because hollywood sends a new programmed auditor (which has shown any signs of a flop) to the front in the war for attention. "Starship troopers" by director paul verhoeven is the youngest (but certainly not last) anti-climax in a series of newer, streamlined scifi thriller "independence day" and "men in black". The new scifi wave raises a number of questions about the topics technology and society.

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Patent dispute: sonos achieves sales ban for google’s pixel 4a and nest audio

Patent dispute: Sonos achieves sales ban for Google's Pixel 4A and Nest Audio

In a patent dispute between the speaker provider sonos and google jerks germany at the center. Sonos scored an interim borrowing against google ireland. With the fraction, the sale of products with the transmission technology google cast prohibited, said chefjusticiar eddie lazarus in the night to thursday. Among other things, the smartphone pixel 4a, the speaker nest audio and the app youtube music. Which court, when decided, did not share the group.


Google shared in a first reaction, one went to vocation and wait for the burial of the court ruling. "We are extracted that sonos has made false information about our partnership and technology." on thursday, the smartphone and the speakers were offered to buy in google’s german online shop.

Google cast is a technology to play audio and video from the internet rates. Sonos poses google, among other things with the software to hurt several patents of the company. Google counterparted with your own.

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Eu is intended to take a lead in grunric hydrogen

EU is intended to take a lead in grunric hydrogen

From 2020 to 2024, in the eu electrolysis facilities for renewable hydrogen should be installed with a capacity of at least 6 gigawatts and a production of up to one million tonnes of the clean energy carrier. By 2030, at least 40 gigawatts or 10 million tonnes are provided. These goals has now set up the eu commission with its hydrogen strategy.

From 2030 to 2050, the technique should be mature for renewable hydrogen and "in coarse mabboat in all sectors in which the decarbonization is difficult, be used". "We need green hydrogen for steel, cement, chemistry and heavy duty traffic", the commission practice prosident frans timmermans, emphasized for the green deal.

According to the strategy of the eu commission, hydrogen should provide energy with energy, "which are not suitable for the electrification". In addition, he should help to store electricity when temporar consists of little demand for renewable energies. "Primary goal" will be the development of green hydrogen, which is mainly produced by wind and solar energy. Short and medium term, however, other forms of co2-poor hydrogen is needed to quickly reduce emissions and support the development of a carrying market.

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The suzuki grand vitara becomes favorable

The suzuki grand vitara becomes favorable

Bensheim, 31. May 2010 – suzuki evaluates the grand vitara. From summer 2010, the compact suv comes with extended equipment and emission-poor motors. In addition, the prices for all models decline by 2000 euros, so the most favorable grand vitara is already under 20.000 euro is available.

Always with 16-inch alus

As a third larger, the grand vitara is offered in the equipment lines city and comfort. Seriesmabig are now 16-inch aluminum racks. The 43 centimeter longer funturer is in the variants club and comfort conservation – the latter now has ex works xenon headlights. The essential model appreciation of the grand vitara takes place under the hood: all engines are now invaluating the euro 5 standard.

Two petrol and a diesel

The range of services remains unused. The 1.6 liter gross gasoline brings it to 106 hp. The second.4-liter gasoline drives the threesorous grand vitara with 166 hp, the fulmy variant has three horsepower more. The diesel unit is a 129 hp 1.9-liter motor with common rail injection technology available. The co2 outlet of the 1.9 ddis could be reduced from 183 to 177 g / km. The combined consumption decreases from 7.0 to 6.7 liters at the three- and 6.8 liters at the funfturer.

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Paris, 2. October 2014 – a study with 910 hp, which is not supposed to be a supercar: modestiness is actually none of the prudding virtues of the automakers, certainly not at a trade fair. Lamborghini with this contradiction, of course, also in mind. The asterion lpi 910-4 is intended to relieve the apparent contrast between driving pleasure in the form of tremendous performance and enough consumption. As a fig leaf, a hybrid drive also serves here, which is currently completely attached to an oko label in many places.

V10 from the huracan

The plug-in hybrid drive of the asterion combines a 5.2 liter v10 with three electric motors. The v10 suction motor is known from the huracan. He performs 449 kw (610 hp) and offers a maximum torque of 560 nm. As with the other sports cars of the brand, it is installed as a long mid engine. Behind it sits a seven-speed double clutch transmission. In the central tunnel, where usually the gearbox is working, the lithium-ion battery is positioned. Two electric motors drive the front wheels. The third is an integrated starter generator (isg) installed between gearbox and motor. He can supply the two e-motors on the front axle with electricity, so that a four-wheel drive is independently possible from the loading level of the battery.

In the combination of the v10 and the three electric motors, which contribute a maximum of 220 kw (300 hp), there is a system performance of 669 kw (910 hp). This should take the acceleration to 100 km / h at least 3 seconds. The highest speed is reached at 320 km / h, in purely electrical mode 175 km / h should be possible.

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Bmw technologies for over the morning

Bmw technologies for over the morning

Munchen, 29. Marz 2010 – an insight into the research centers of the automakers is normally reserved for a few. Too crude is the fear of the companies that know-how could fall into the hands of competitors. Bmw has approval of the 25. Birthday of his ideas forge "think tank" some things open and shown, what is currently being researched.

Less emissions after cold start

For years, bmw has been researching in the field of hydrogen technology. But the munchener but not only on the use of hydrogen in internal combustion engines or fuel cells in mind. Also for less emissions after the cold start in gasoline and diesel engines, hydrogen can be used. A solution in this area present the muncher with the so-called reformer technology in an otherwise standard-mabulous 1er bmw. In view of the demanding emission limit values of euro 5 and euro 6, the first seconds after a cold start are difficult, because catalysts are deployed their complete effect only after the so-called claimature. The reformer technology attacks exactly at this point and significantly reduces emissions at cold start.

Clean with synthesis gas

The technique can be used in both gasoline and diesel engines. The system is sitting in the intake range and consists of a mixing zone, an injection valve, a zund candle and a special catalyst, in the fuel under low acid­tomb supply is partially oxidized. In order to start the reform operation, first a slightly fat mixture (lambda value approx. 0.9) generated and serrated. Thus, the catalyst behind the mixing zone reaches its operating temperature within a very short time. Thereafter, in the mixing zone, an extremely fat mixture (lambda values of approx. 0.33) generated, which is split into a synthesis gas in the catalyst. This fatty mixture is no longer serrated, because the kat already has the current temperature. The catalytic process causes a separation of the hydrocarbon chains (cxhy), whereby a synthesis gas from hydrogen (around 21 percent), carbon monoxide (around 24 percent) and nitrogen is generated. This gas is injected over the injectors in the intake area. During the warm-up phase, it can replace the frosted fuel completely. Since it burns almost backlessly, the for the emission behavior critical phase becomes a particularly clean operating state immediately after the cold start according to bmw.

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The energy balance of the biomass

The true potential of the only suitable substitute for orgol – part ii

Biomass, yes! "Because she is regenerative and inexhaustible" – in any case, the explanation on a website of the german biomass lobby. However, it remains critical that the biomass may be regenerative, but it is unneedable, it is only conditionally. If you z.B. Get out which plant has the best energy balance and then growing this worldwide, this monoculture would be a catastrophe for the soil as well as the plant and wildlife. With the biomass want to be done correctly. How do you do that?

Under energy balance, the energy is understood in the biomass, which is made out of her out of her the energy that has been inserted into it: the diesel for tractors and transport, the dungem means, possibly the energy for the conversion into a gas or a liquid, etc. But before we work with it, first a word for the applicability of the term above.

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Kunstradio celebrates jubilaum

Pop ~ event report

Recycling the future: on air on line on site, 4.- 7. December, radiokulturhaus vienna

"Recycling the future", the festival at the ten-year-old jubilee of the broadcast "kunstradio radiocunt" from orf, o1 in austria, true to the concern of the program, once again a successful combination of (acoustic) art with new and old technologies. For 10 years, with this weekly program, the radio itself becomes the experimental medium and not blob to the playback station of preserves. An international awareness thrust experienced kunstradio, when it was created as one of the first stations worldwide webcasting for the growing and enrichment of its radio broadcasts created creatively. This hybrid media mixture, which appears in the actually stick-conservative and increasingly commercial easter-rich radio as an exotic gem, goes to the account of a woman, heidi grundmann. As a grand lady of the easter-rich media art scene, she considers it again and again to establish international creative partnerships for the realization of media experiments, and to open space in the mass media and to set funds in motion.

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Google tests ride-sharing service around san francisco

Google tests ride-sharing service around san francisco

Google could compete with services like uber or blablacar with a ride-sharing app. The internet company announced an application based on its traffic service waze, which will initially be tested on a small scale in and around san francisco. For the time being, employees of some participating companies are invited to use the platform for their way to the office. There had already been speculation about such a service from google. Waze is a navigation app acquired by google that calculates the optimal route based on current user information. With "waze commute" the company can build on this infrastructure.

With ride-sharing services, drivers typically can’t charge passengers more than the cost of the ride. Uber, with its uberpool service, is trying to design a system where professional drivers pick up multiple passengers who want to go in one direction on one ride. Blablacar from france, on the other hand, is the rough classic ride-sharing service that also took over the german provider mitfahrzentrale.De.

San francisco and its environs are notorious for rush-hour traffic jams – many employees of technology companies commute between the big city and silicon valley. Google could bring the service into competition with one of its investments: the venture capital arm of the internet company had invested over $250 million in uber in 2013.

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