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Judgment burdened knollchen balance

Judgment burdened Knollchen balance

Among other things frankfurt, wiesbaden, darmstadt and offenbach stopped the parking space monitoring by private companies who have used temporary workers in traffic monitoring. Offenbach announced in mid-february 2020, around 20.To adjust 000 procedures, which is a loss of revenue of around 250.000 euros mean. In all these cases, temporary workers had ied the knollchen. Already completed methods are not rolled up, as it strikes. The resulting personal reconstruction by the no longer worked temporary workers wanted the city as soon as possible.

The knollchen decision of the olg also had an impact on wiesbaden. Overall, around 95 were last year.000 knollchen ied by temporary workers, as the state capital announced. In frankfurt, it was about 34.000 procedures with a total volume of around half a million euros. Because: was the ticket office ied by a temporary worker and the procedure was not yet completed, the false parker gluck had not numbers and did not have to pay. The use of private service providers also ended other municipalities such as darmstadt and fulda.

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Lexus is 250c in the driving report

Lexus is 250c in the driving report

Nice (france), 30. June 2009 – since she is now, the convertible version of the lexus is indicated by the additional letter c. Or is that the is 250c but rather a coupe? Despite the difficulties that are for designers in the design of folding roof convertible, toyota is satisfied: "we wanted to set the bar in terms of style and elegance," says chief developer keichi yoneda. When looking at the vehicle you are uncertain whether you can agree with yoneda. Sure, hazy or unattractive is the 4.64 meter long is 250c, but he does not rub us from the chair either. But as always with a driving report pays above all as he ride.

Little equal parts

Only the bonnet, the headlights, the tower handles and the outdoor mirrors were taken from the sedan, as lexus emphasized. Everything else was changed and missed the 250c a light hump. The latter is necessary to fold the sheet metal hood underneath, but to gluck, lexus succeeds in avoiding the "quasimodo effect" of an unformible tail. Speaking unforms: under this term, the somewhat chunky outdoor mirrors and the hasing stump antenna fall on the passenger side. It is all the more surprising that the 250c slipped with a cw value of 0.29 by the wind closed with a cw value.

The lightning

The most important feature of the lexus is 250c is natural. The company has already collected in the field of steel cover with the larger sc 430 experiences. But in contrast to the two-piece hat of the sc, the lid of is consists of three parts. The advantages should be in the areas of comfort and safety, a three-part roof can be folded slightly. We look at the clock and numbers with: after only 20 seconds, the 15 engines have safely stowed away. Unusual: an infrared sensor that is available anyway is used to avoid collisions with the back man. Because during the attenuation or opening­operation protrudes the edge of the trunk lid 250 mm over the stobbar.

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K8ssandra: datatax trims cassandra for cloud native k8s cluster

K8SSandra: DataTax trims Cassandra for Cloud Native K8S Cluster

As part of the kubecon + cloudnativitycon, datatax k8sandra has introduced a database based on apache cassandra, which should be specially adapted to cloud-native use in kubernetes clusters. K8sandra seamlessly puts on astra, the database as-a service that makes the nosql db available as a cloud service on kubernetes, and launched datastax in may this year. About a helmet chart, k8sandra is now installing with the same operation in its own kubernetes clusters.

Preconfigured open source distribution

During the cassandra community still on the completion of version 4.0 and the functions provided therein works, which promise more flexible use in kubernetes environments, datatax preaches with k8sandra. The new and now available open source distribution of cassandra should respond primarily to database administrators and site reliability engineers (sres), which want to scale data for kubernetes applications as flexibly as the applications.

For this purpose, k8sandra builds on the kubernetes operator cass operator, which acts as a translation level between the control planes of kubernetes and the database operations. Datatax had already made the operator freely freely in the spring of the year as an open source on github, so as to underline its own efforts, beyond the commercial datastax enterprise platform stronger in the cassandra community to engage and contribute to the nosql database to make standard for kubernetes.

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Opel boss: “four-day week can help secure jobs”

Opel boss:'vier-tage-woche kann dabei helfen, arbeitsplatze zu sichern''vier-tage-woche kann dabei helfen, arbeitsplatze zu sichern'

Opel boss michael lohscheller is open for the head of the union ig metall, with a four-day week of securing workplaces in the automotive industry. "In principle, we are open for all ideas. The four-day week can help secure jobs, "he said to the newspapers of the funk media group (expenditure of 31. August 2020). However, opel currently use the instrument of short-time work, he set up. Currently a comprehensive structural change in the industry is in progress. "First of all, you have to discuss in detail which instruments are most meaningful."

Opel has not only reduced the number of employees in the words of lohscheller since the time of the french psa group, but also significantly steered the leverage level. "The stairs are swept from above. We have taken out whole hierarchical levels, "said the opel boss. "Instead of 20 managers, only 9 report directly to me."In europe, all landchefs have been exchanged.

For the upcoming merger of the opel mother psa with fiat chrysler to the fourth-gray automaker in the world, which is supposed to live stellantis, lohscheller sees the manufacturer well rusted. "We are fine as a profitable business, not with 20 years of loss as under our old owner."

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Tempolimit: adac no longer informally

It is and remains a permanent burner in the transport policy: a general speed limit on german highways. Now one of the bastions against a general speed limitation could get into serrated. Ironically, the adac is "no longer fundamental" against a speed limit, said viceprasident traffic, gerhard hillebrand, who dpa before the 58. Traffic court in goslar (29. Until 31. January 2020). One focus there: aggressivitat in the strain traffic.

Movement at the adac

For decades, the adac was known as a clear opponent of a tempolimits. Now he jerks off his strict no – a yes does not mean that either. The discussion is emotionally guided and polarize in the members, allowing hillebrand. "That’s why the adac is currently not set in the question."In a survey among members, 50 percent had voted against a speed limit and 45 percent of it. Oregistration is urgently needed. The impact of a tempolimits should be strongly clarified in a comprehensive study. "This was provided by a durable decision-making basis."

Climate protection is expected to save up to two million tonnes of co2 at an admitted highest speed of 130 hour kilometers, said hillebrand. But that too is vague. "We need a comprehensive study on the effects of a speed limit. This was provided by a durable decision-making basis."

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Ck63 s: carlsson makes the mercedes c 63 amg even stronger

Ck63 s: carlsson makes the mercedes c 63 amg even stronger

Merzig, 20. October 2008 – for a middle-class sedan, the mercedes c 63 amg is not silent: its 6.3-liter v8 delivers 457 hp and a torque of 600 newton meters. That’s enough for a sprint value of 4.5 seconds and a directed tip of 250 km / h. That does not satisfy you? Tuner carlsson from merzig weib council ..

3.8 seconds on tempo 100

After the cure in the saarland county town, the power-benz is called "ck63 s". Power kits in different stages continue to drive the engine power into the high: in the last expansion stage, up to 565 hp in the c-amg. Maximum torque growth on 685 newton meters. Therefore, therefore, the time for the acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h: 3.8 seconds the carlsson needs to the magical brand. The tip is only trained at 300 km / h. To renew a sports air filter, a three-part motor cover made of carbon fiber and a carlsson lettering in chrome. A sports silencer should provide for tremendous sound.

Coiler and blocking differential

The carlsson rs coil driver is infinitely variable in the high adjustable. With the individually adjustable steam characteristic, the driver can also optimize the setup according to his taste. In order for the multi-performance on the asphalt not clears out in smoke, the installation of a torque-fuoll slat lock differential with variable blocking value is recommended. The value can be set individually before installation.

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