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France favors anti-terror law

Both chambers of parliament adopted yesterday in express proceedings the controversial design of the minister of interior nicolas sarkozy

Against the votes of the opposition, the controversial anti-terror law was accepted in the paris parliament. The law was adopted by sarkozy’s burgical ump and the liberal udf. While the socialists contained, they voted in the senate with the communists and the grunen. The socialist senators announced to pull before the trail court because various penetration has been broken.

Sahozy in the debate looked very different, the freedom and burger rights were not allocated. He referred to the success of video monitoring in the termination of the connection in july to justify the massive expansion of monitoring. However, the following could not be prevented ("british born bombers"to).

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The bmw 2 series van

The bmw 2 series van

Munchen, 16. December 2013 – even with various serious studies, bmw has prepared us on the design of a compact van. Now the almost finished production model was abnormally caught. There are some interesting details price.

New front cross architecture

An interesting aspect is the type designation at the rear: 225i stands there. This will be the "active tourer", how bmw calls the van, the 2 series hit. On the other hand, this was indicated that the circled vehicle has the charged petrol engine with two liters of displacement and 218 hp under the hood. If that is the case, the unit was installed transversely and combined with front drive. In any case, the modular units with 0.5 liter displacement per cylinder are set in each case, which will soon debute in the new mini. This means a three-cylinder gasoline engine with 136 hp from 1.5 liters and a two-liter four-cylinder with 192 hp. The entry diesel makes 115 hp.

In the style of the mercedes b-class

Visually, the bmw 2er active tourer reminds something about the mercedes b-class. In fact, they are similar in the quantities: the bmw is short of 4.35 meters only one inches than the mercedes, which is high at both 1.56 meters. For the first time, the 2er active tourer is presented at the geneva motor show in march 2014, on the market, he comes in september of the year.

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Rumor: psa negotiating partnership with gm

The ailing french carmaker psa peugeot citroen is negotiating a strategic partnership with us rival general motors (gm). Psa boss philippe varin had informed him about corresponding discussions, france’s labor minister xavier bertrand told radio station europe 1. Earlier, the business news portal la tribune had already reported on "advanced discussions" with opel’s parent company gm. They are said to have been going on for months.

Psa itself did not want to comment in detail on the negotiations on wednesday. As part of its globalization strategy, it is reviewing cooperation and alliance projects, it said in a terse statement. "Discussions are ongoing and there is no certainty that they will lead to a result," a spokesman said. Psa shares were up about 16 percent by midday. The rude french carmaker has been deep in crisis for months. While competitors such as volkswagen and renault are setting new sales records, the number two in europe has recently had to cope with one bad news after the next.

According to the recently published balance sheet figures, the car division posted a loss of 92 million euros last year – after a profit of 621 million euros in the previous year. The company’s management had previously announced a drop in sales to 3.55 million vehicles. A drastic cost-cutting program is expected to cost around 6,000 people their jobs in europe this year alone.

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Mars-helikopter ingenuity whirls up a lot of dust surprisingly

The small helicopter ingenuity has wetted on his flight over the mars part of dust and torn, though he was running fun meters high. How easy the material can be high and torn, the researchers on earth have surprised, reports the trade magazine nature. "This results in an unexpected scientific experiment on atmosphere", arrest jim bell from arizona state university. Actually, ingenuity is only a technical demonstration that should be shown that a motor-driven flight on the mars is possible. In the evaluation of the collected data, however, there are also surprises, explain the researchers and researchers.

Recording of the fourth flight from ingenuity

Ingenuity was brought to mars from nasa-rover perseverance and completed the historic first motorized flight on another sky corper at the end of april. Overall, the helicopter has now flown seven times and placed on the companion of perseverance. On this is the main attention of the mission again. Together, the two devices are to open up in the direction of a suspected dried riverbed, in which perseverance should look for any traces of former life. Ingenuity is supposed to support him on the way and explore the landscape from the high.

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Lugenpresse covers: penguins also hate opera!

Youtube and co. – our weekly telepolis video check

What can be finned, sweden has long been. And so we start with a swedish computer blasting into the pentecost weekend. Whether more videos with real "swedish dynamite" we will follow, we will be closely. In any case, the beginning is made and the resonance roughly. On the (which for a great transfer!) hopes the cdu bundestag member and lawyer detlef seif, who has read the world-famous schmah poem in parliament, because it allegedly hardly knows. Jan bohmermann himself calls this process, however, however, became and tasteless. "I do not know what i think as a wahler worse: when a mdb crystal meth takes or tell the shame poem in parliament!" and where the young man is right, he is right. More about sueddeutsche.De. And thus finish with funny.

Lugenpresse covers: Penguins also hate operas!

Involuntarily, the schlager producent and hobby-ancestain researcher marco delgardo, who,, instead of focusing on his core business, is still cited in his likes to be cited by lugenpresse victims blog for turkish or arabian ancestors of the grafinger knife stecher paul h. Research. His intermediate result: "the tatter was with high probability muslim! In the police rehearsal he should definitely have claimed to be converted to islam! However, the press office of the lka did not want to confirm this on my request today." i did not like lka as lka … And also the afd hamburg fights with the truth: on facebook natural. And this cramp is documented here. America has it much better: from budweiser there is america. And as an alternative still remains the escape to canada. In short: do not try this shit at home!

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Plain talk: “how to tell the child?”

It is now protocol for any public gathering of e-vehicles to be accompanied by a "summit of conversation" heard with hair-raising babble. According to my observations, these summits of boredom serve to preserve existing prejudices on both sides of the opinion scales for as long as possible. They always run in the same way and according to their task they must not contain any meaningful information, because this damages the propaganda. So when at the silvretta e-rally someone called out "mr. Gleich, the hair-raising talk starts now!", i could remain calm: "this knodel here on my plate is more interesting. I stobe to it, as soon as i have snatched from him all his tasty information."

The event was late and made me point against my will. "Recuperation is the core topic of electromobility", said a voice from the speaker’s table in front, which irritated me for a moment, until i could decide that this sentence contained only buzzwords, but no information, in accordance with the event. I sat down in a corner of like-minded people. We first shook our heads in testimony, then some nodded off. Several times my head wanted to hit the tabletop in front of me, heavy with nodules, pushed by propaganda, then i pulled myself together. You are invited! How does it look? Look burning interested! Think of sex!

Fortunately, most of the speakers had a background in mechanical engineering. Engineers usually know what they are doing, otherwise they are useless, but they rarely know how to best explain what they are doing. I remember a vehicle presentation where an electronics engineer was explaining with shining eyes how he had laid out the state machine central to the traction control, until the press officer drove him off babbling apologies.

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Mexico: personnel union of municipal policy and organized criminality

Burgermeistersgattin von iguala guerreros-unidos gang from town hall

Jose luis abarca, the mayor of mexican 130.000-inhabitant city iguala is currently a little harder accessible than other municipal politicians who need to expect unpleasant press inquiries: he has recently been on the run. Occasion of dafur was obviously the discovery of the attorney general jesús murillo, that abarcas also escaped wife maria de los angeles pineda villa, which comes from a drug handy dynasty, which led to the beltran-leyva-kartell guerreros-unidos criminal gang from the town hall from the town hall.

Among other things, this was that for personnel ies at the stadtische police was a working group of guerreros unidos – and provided that the (meanwhile disarmed and partially detained) municipal safety faith could be used as an armed and at the same time legal arm of the criminal bands.

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Budapest city council argert orban with climate pots

Budapest city council argert orban with climate pots

The new budapest city council chosen in the previous month has proclaimed the climate leader. Artistic decisions of the city of budapest have to treat the fight against climate change as a prioritat with a view to the outstob of carbon dioxide, striking it in the resolution that the panel amed the portion of its constituent meeting with a rough majority.

The newly chosen oberburg master gergely karacsony calls on the resolution to develop a macual plan for the municipal institutions and companies to transform them to green energy sources and become climate-neutral.

At the local elections on 13. October had celebrated an unexpected victory for the opposition to the legal government of minister prosident viktor orban in budapest and in several coarse dates. Karacsony and the right-to-right party bond that supported him had promised a fundamental policy change in the election campaign.

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Bnd: saudi arabia aufen policy “impulsive”

BND: Saudi Arabia Aufen Policy'impulsiv'

Us aufemister kerry in conversation with mohammed bin salman (may 2015). Image: us village ministry / common-free

Defense minister bin salman dangerous the stability in the arab world

That saudi arabia is not part of the solution, but part of the problem, is to be read in inconspicuous reports on the war showplaces in the middle east. Now also aubert the federal message service something in the direction. The bnd warning against a destabilizing role of saudi arabia in the arab world, is reported today:

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Ibm should take a central specialist service for the e-recipe

IBM should take a central specialist service for the e-recipe

Ibm should operate the specialist service, which stores the server-prescribed electronic recipes until the detection by a pharmacy closed by the doctor. From this specialist, the recipes can be downloaded in the recipe app of the insured and in the administrative systems of the pharmacies. The e-recipe is to be introduced nationwide in july 2021.

Ibm has received the surcharge of the project company gematik. The source code of the specialist service should be published before its commissioning, as well as the appropriate safety appraisal. The insured app for the e-recipe will be further developed according to the specifications of the patient data protection law (pdsg) directly in the gematik, when identitisprovider will indicate the federal prere in the game.

Ibm had applied for the lot 1, with which an operator of the specialist was wanted. In a second lot, the identity provider is still looking for the electronic recipes cast by the doctor and ames the authentication of the doctors as pharmacies. Presumably this will be the federal prere daughter d-trust.

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