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Emissions scandal: investigations against daimler

Following the volkswagen group emissions scandal, daimler is now also facing scrutiny from u.S. Authorities. The u.S. Department of justice has asked the swabians to take an internal look at how the official emissions figures were arrived at in the united states, with the involvement of u.S. Regulators, daimler ag announced friday night in a mandatory release to the financial community.

The ruling follows class action lawsuits by u.S. Car owners accusing the manufacturer of illegally overstating emissions levels. Daimler has so far always firmly denied the allegations. Now the company has conceded that it will be able to make an offer as early as the 15. April 2016, citing strict confidentiality, to have been ordered by u.S. Justice to review the certification and approval process related to exhaust emissions in the u.S. Through an internal investigation in coordination with u.S. Investigators.

The stuttgart-based dax-listed company said it would "cooperate fully" with the investigation. In a press release, daimler further stated: "the company will rigorously investigate any indications of violations of the regulations and take the necessary measures as a matter of course."Experience with u.S. Authorities had "clearly demonstrated that conservative communication supports constructive dialogue with the authorities."".

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Eaton improves differential brake “intellitrac”

Cleveland (usa), 14. September 2016 – at the american supplier eaton, components for the drive torque distribution have a via 100-year tradition: already in the basic year 1911, ford supplied with complete rear axles including compensation gears for the legendary model t. Since then, the portfolio has expanded, but the topic of power distribution is still up to date. Today, eaton announces a new generation of his "intellitrac" electrohydraulically controlled equalization gearbox.

It is still based on a slat pack between the right and left drive shaft, which can produce hydraulically infinitely biased the desired torque transmission by means of defined slip between both sides. Salopp therefore calls the anglophone also "elsd (electronic limited slip differential)". It can prevent driving power from being lost in whole or in part on a wheel with poor traction. Because the slippant wheel is braked within the differential basket, the compensation gearbox transfers part of the force to the opposite wheel with good traction.

With the full louver pack

The lamella package is – as in such elsds ubrow – as needed hydraulically with a ring piston. Eaton gives a reaction time of less than 100 ms to the shuttle, which allows, among other things, a prere accumulator, which is always the full operating prere of around 27.6 bar. An electrically driven piston pump stops the upset prere level. The support of the proportional valves for the clutch is carried out via a control device, the interfaces to the other driving dynamics regulations such as anti-lock system (abs), drive slip control (asr) and systems for stability control of the respective vehicle model. The maximum torque transferable with "intellitrac" reaches 5000 nm. Eaton says that the other systems on the market thus transferred by 2000 nm. This makes it suitable for very coarse or powered vehicles.

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Report: plane for a fifth series at porsche

The volkswagen-supervisory board and porsche-moreicher ferdinand piech has a newspaper report, according to a rough tarpaulin for the soon tenth brand of the volkswagen group. The stuttgart sports car builder is said to receive a fun series, reports that handelsblatt (friday) from group circles. It goes about a railing wagon below the cayenne. The company had already announced that sales in the medium term at 150.000 vehicles double. For this further series are necessary.

Porsche has grown in recent years mainly by broadening the product range. In addition to the classic 911, the sports car builders now has the middle motors series boxster / cayman, the railing carriage cayenne developed with vw, and since past autumn the fourth panamera in the program. The ingolstadter vw subsidiary audi already offers a small railway wagon with the q5.

A borsian said in a first reaction to the report, the tarpaulin for a fun series could provide the porsche course, especially since the sports car manufacturer was always very successful with its new imports last always very successful.

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Kasperskys password manager has hearted users with advisable passwords

Kasperskys Password Manager HAS HEARTED Users with advisable passwords

Kaspersky’s password manager created passwords who love trying rightly guessed, explaining researchers who have looked at the procedures used in more detail. Affected were kaspersky password manager for all platforms, ie: windows, android and ios. Kaspersky has eliminated the problem at the end of 2019 so that all current versions create secure passwords. But who has already used a password manager of kaspersky in 2019, used a weak password under a year over a year. Only now do the details of this failure come to light.

Not really random

One of the most important advantages of a password manager is that they simply make it the user, for all services different but still good passwords that normally could not remember a human. To do this, suggest the user with some complex and apparently randomly as possible to the user when creating a new password: ah, hai; h6ielo5e or aenupei / 7yoh.

In the background, this password creates a so-called pseudo-random number generator (prng). That "pseudo" means that these numbers are not really randomly, but are calculated. To do this, gives the prng an initial value and spits a series of numbers that do not have a recognizable relationship. But with the same initial value always gives the same sequence of numbers. So you have to use a truly random value that does not guess. Otherwise an attacker could simply calculate the proposed password.

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Dsgvo clearance: about three million euros penalty for carrefour

DSGVO clearance: about three million euros penalty for Carrefour

The french individual and coarse trade giant carrefour must pay a total of 3.05 million euros due to several clarifications against the data protection basic regulation (dsgvo). A corresponding sanction has directed the privacy worker cnil after receiving multiple complaints against the group and had carried out on-site inspections between may and july 2019. A claim of 2.25 million euros is now on the parent company, the bank subsidiary carrefour banque should 800.000 euro.

Data stored too long

In their investigation, among other things, the prufter noted that the french marketplace still stored the data of more than twenty-eight million earlier customers as part of a bonus program, even though they have been inactive since five to ten years. The same was for 750.000 users of the website carrefour.For. The practiced retention period of four years for customer data after the last purchase had been too long.

According to cnil, cnil also violated information obligations from the dsgvo. The information that the company offers the visitors of the stammwebsite and carrefour-banque.Fr as well as the owners of the bonus card provided, were difficult to access, barely lacking and linguistic. Furthermore, cookies have been set without the necessary consent.

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Phishing attacks soon could be personalized

Danger by calling the browser history

So far, phishing emails are due to their clumsy type: not only the often wheelbearing german, but also the fact that you get two password requests of citibank every hour, without being at all the customer, warns every halfway intelligent people. But it was not so hard to find out if someone is actually customer of the bank or not.

If you are sitting in front of a foreign computer and the internet browser is open, it is quite easy to find out if the owner is always visiting a specific page or not: in the former case, the browser will automatically yield the address, but in any case in the history so that the link to the visited page appears in a different color. Only the regular loosen of the browser history can prevent this, but is bursting, because then you have already read an article for the third time when the list is interesting and your own thought bad.

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The oscar of the hobby filmmaker

The camgaroo award is intended to improve the quality of home videos

A video camera now have many home. More than the first steps of the baby or the beach of mallorca with waves behind it do not create many on tape before leaving the desire for the new toy. Some however, however, the hobby film becomes half a professional – and can win prizes.

Gabriele lechner actually leads a publisher and an advertising agency. But as well as creative people from the reader to the writer or television to the web designer or blogger, because they also actively contribute and not only want to consume passively, it happened to it with all these things: as a creative person you could not only eat the consume what else to develop, but develop something yourself. And that can, of course, be one of the coarse media, like movie, radio or television.

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Bayern is looking forward to the next full-rush – the gruko

An old dream of uli hoeb: straub and joschka to the power

In a good two weeks elements bayern. But no matter what and how bayern elements – there will be no other things in principle, because the once unthinkable becomes normal. That "justemilieu" around bundis 90 / the greats has opened up under the rainbow-warrior flag of global progress, now also to guarantee the eternal standstill here in the suden. In the visor: the gruko.

If in the following ofters talk about "justemilieu" is, then the author says an urban field of self-compliant, superclook, small-burial and pimped laoom preachers. In contrast to a visited cosmopolitan botany, only a very german weed in this allotment – if you put it on the essentials, it symbolizes the typical authority character for us – whose distinguished virtue is, according to marx, symbolizes up and to step down.

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Belgium: government coalition with flamic separatists

New minister prosident should become the wallone charles michel

135 days after the parliamentary election in belgium, four parties have agreed on a coalition: they should be beside the flamic liberals from the open vld, the flamic christian democrats from the cdv and the walloon liberals from the mr also enrated the flamic separatists of the n-va, which had become strongest party in may with 33 out of a total of 150 mandates.

The participation of the n-va is noteworthy in that the party (which in the european parliament as well as the scottish national party of the group from grununen and regional parties belonged) wants to convert belgium into a convector, in which the individual parts of the land the coarse part of the state tasks rules. In the long term, the n-va chairman bears bart de wever "evaporate" belgium.

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Error message

Error message

Munchen, 29. August 2013 – tests of workshop services are often portrayed very placant, including the latest examination of the adac. Treated under the magnifying glass, a total of 72 workshops, including chains and free repair operations. The verdict of the club is downright. Although such a sample always represents only a snapshot, but some companies have qualitatively obediced both in the field of work performance as well as the service.

Each mistake equals equal

Workshops were tested in the three groams of hamburg, frankfurt and munchen. As candidates served audi a3, renault megane and vw golf v. They were propared with a total of five defects: the headlights were adjusted, the cable for the abs sensor in the wheel arch, a defective glow lamp used in the license plate lighting and the coolant level lowered under the estimated value. Depending on what was present, the spare wheel was provided with too low air prere or the breakpoint set or removed. An expired. Of course, as with such tests, this is often arguing whether each of these errors, as happened here, should be equal. The abs does not fail immediately when a cable is from its guided. For each found error, the adac is awarded two points, a perfect working workshop can achieve 60 points here.

The defect were not involved, but had to be found by each workshop, which processes the prescribed inspection list of the manufacturer. Of course, it is not completely by hand to have that straight routine leads to a sustainability at low errors. This also refers to the central association of german car trade (zdk), which in a first reaction is not entirely wrong, that "test vehicles with really capital lack of brakes, steering" had cut better. Nevertheless, the result "unsatisfactory and not to be expected in this form", such a spokesman of the zdk.

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