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Corona as a religion

Corona as a religion

In the land of the sunder, the denier and the credans: the powerlessness of the people and the omnipotence of the disease. Comment

The tradition of the underprints teaches us that the ’emergency state’ in which we live is the rule. … The amazement of that that things we experience are still possible in the twentieth century is not a philosophical. It is not at the beginning of a realization, unless that the idea of history, from which it comes, is not to be kept.

Walter benjamin: "about the concept of history", 1940

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Today is freedom day in england

Today is Freedom Day in England

Seven-day incidence: during germany values above 10 are already being considered critical, the value in the great britain is far above 400. Boris johnson still raises mask obligation and other maws and asks in quartaine video for caution

"Spinners the uscher?", the question was, as prime minister boris johnson the "freedom day" merged, the abolition of the most important corona restrictions from 19. July. So from today the mask wearing in interior space with crowds is no longer mandatory, but only more urgent recommended: "please, please pleease", be cautious-propently!, boris johnson appeals to the population.

He also mentions the considerable increase in infections through the delta variant in his video. There were numbers of new infections in the youngest time, which is very far above 40.000 daily were, partly it was even over 50.000. This was also acknowledged outside of england and let the field attempt with the self-responsibility appear more darable. In addition, british scientists came the abolition of the measures as "dangerous, hired and unethical" designated. They warned of hundred thousands of infections.

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Kunftige sicklowing via videosprechstunde possible

Kunftige Sicklowing via VideosPrechstunde possible

Patients can be pleased with the physician from the doctor. Prerequisite for sick leave by video is that the insured of the attending medical practice is known and the disease allocates an investigation by video pronging hours. This decided by the joint federal committee of top representatives of the doctors, health insurance and hospitalists, as the committee announced on thursday in berlin.

The initial determination of labor compensation is limited to seven calendar days. Furthermore, follow-up sicknesses are only possible via video pronging lesson if the previous sick leave was exhibited in an immediate personnel examination. Insured persons who have never been imagined in the medical office concerned, are completely excluded. Also, the determination of a labor compensation on the basis of an online questionnaire, a chat survey or a phone call is not permitted.

No general claim to video crank

"The standard for the determination of labor compensation continues the immediate personnel examination by a doctor or a doctor. In individual cases, however, the determination of labor compensation about a video pronging lesson should be possible, quite independent of pandemies", earlier dr. Monika lelgemann of the joint federal committee.

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God’s own cybercountry

The communist kerala as it-dorado

India this informal conglomerate of differences, from the winston churchill (the ubigens mahatma gandhi as "half-naked fakir" designated) said it was just one "geographical expression and as little a country as the equator", amazed again and again through its relatively consistent and convincing economic-political morphogenesis. Kerala, selected in 1957 for the first communist indian state, takes a special position in this conglomerate once again.

God's Own Cybercountry

The government has achieved a lot of positives in kerala: kerala achieved a rapid reduction in mortality rate and improving living conditions – and without gross economic growth. Despite the most notifying economic growth, it has thus managed to reduce the income poverty faster than in other indian states, by focusing primarily on improved education and health care as well as equitable land distribution. It can be said that kerala has suffered until recently under marketable policy, a policy that distributed a state-steered market economy expansion. Recently, however, human capital is effained offensive for one of the market economy. Like amartya sen in "economics for humans" (contrary to neoliberalism with aristotle, it is important to visualize that the reduction in income poverty should not be the sole motive of poverty fighting, as the risk is that the concept of poverty will narrow to a low income. Although the per capita income of the african-americans in the united states is much lower than that of farming population, so they are much richer in terms of their income than people in kerala, also taking into account the different life-maintenance costs, is still the life expectancy of people in kerala high than that of the black americans, which associated with social institutions and social relationships. Kerala also has special successes in reducing birth rate, a circumstance that is certainly contalent with the high educational status of women. The striker female self-determination was in kerala u.A. Also ended by a high recognition of female property rights.

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Corona: health minister spahn promises free fast tests for all burger

Corona: Health Minister Spahn promises free fast tests for all burger

Federal minister of health jens spahn wants to expand the national test strategy in the fight against the novel coronavirus. From 1. Marz "should all burger be tested for free of trained personnel with antigen-quick tests", the cdu politician explained on tuesday on twitter. Such evidence of special characteristic proteins of sars-cov-2 are now sufficient on the market.

"The municipalities can commission their test centers or pharmacies with such offers", blessed spoon. Also lay self tests should be after their "soon expected at the same time" by the federal institute for medicines and medical devices (bfarm) for all 83 million bundesburgs. The federal ministry of health (bmg) neglect with manufacturers in order to secure quotas for the german market. These test options "can contribute to a safe everyday life", especially in schools and kitas, says spahn.

The federal institute for medicines and medical devices (bfarm) prevents loud frankfurter general sunday newspaper currently, for up to 30 different speed tests, with which medical laymen could also be tested by gurgling or spit within a quarter of an hour. The bfarm ames it to give first at the latest beginning marz.

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Evolution ade?

The genetic steve jones concerts the end of human evolution

Modern equal opportunities, a significant reduction in child mortality, the endless of despotic socio elements and an alleged increase in young vaders – all these factors were committed to consolidating the status quo, so jones. The expert is skeptical.

No end of history

Just over 15 years ago, under the impression of the collapse of the soviet union and the settlement of the cold war, the american political scientist francis fukuyama for coarse caused a stir as he postulated the end of history short and placant. Fukuyamas thesis, which went out of a worldwide triumph of the democracy based on market economy, was explained by the unfinished history, which made no established institutions, explores the field to room, for zero and void.

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Fight to cdu chair: merz wants to locate users of the corona warn app

Fight to CDU chair: Merz wants to locate users of the Corona Warn App

Politics and the right in germany are "much too much focused on individual privacy". This complained to friedrich merz, who currently runs for the cdu chair, in a spoken round published on sunday with the association c-netz, the cdu and csu. So it also comes that the corona warning app of the federal government "ineffective" be: you only register who has infected with the virus, allow one "tracking" but not affected.

"Strange" priorities

Such tracking is one of the crucial success factors in the fight against covid-19 in asian countries like sudkorea and japan, merz said in the round-old videalkalk. "We send faxes in health markets", criticized the lawyer who once wanted to go to the cdu top 2018. A "central data memory" at the tracing app, against which the federal government was deliberately decided, goods "much more efficient". It mute strange if users are more familiar with the us manufacturers of the coarse smartphone operating systems and their decentralized approach to tracking infection chains than the state.

The company must make sure that your data or health protection is more important, called merz. If he is traveling to the netherlands from his homeland in sauerland in the netherlands, he will be buried there from his provider, he said that mobile operators evaluate the user’s location data. "Why can not the health department know where i am?", he pladated for a comparable localization of the cwa users by the histors. "I have no problems."

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After 20 years: uri geller gives grunes light for juvening from pokemon kadabra

After 20 years: Uri Geller gives grunes light for juvening from Pokemon Kadabra

Since 2003, the pokemon kadabra has no longer printed on cards: the psycho pocket monster and link between the evolutionary levels abra and simsala is a real rarity for collectors. Guilt on the prere stop is probably the tv entertainer uri geller, who gained with magic tricks around the faulty badness. He sued the manufacturer nintendo at the beginning of the 2000s, because he saw his personality rights injured by the pokemon kadabra loved to him. He now retired his complaints to twitter: he has given nintendo permission to bring back the pokemon card.

According to the guardian, geller first became aware of the christmas shopping in tokyo in 1999 in tokyo on the kadabra card. She shows a pokemon with lofflel in his hand. Problematic was especially the japanese name of the pocket monster: it will be "yunter" or "un-geller" pronounced. In japanese characters, the pokemon becomes "ユンゲラ" spelled – this has a rough similarity to geller’s name "ユリ ゲラ ゲラ ゲラ".

Geller, cayce and houdini

The thesis that kadabra is looking for the israeli illusionist is not far-fetched: the names of the other two evolutionary levels abra and simsala are based in japanese in well-known magicians, namely edgar cayce and harry houdini,. Gellers further premiere that the bbc cited in an article of 2000, but work in an abstruse: "nintendo has turned me into a bose, occulse pokemon figure", said geller.

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Eu states: ‘jein’ to release patents for covid-19 vaccines

Eu countries: 'yes and no' covid-19 vaccines for release of patents for'jein' zur freigabe von patenten fur covid-19-impfstoffe

A rapid suspension of patent protection for covid-19 vaccines is not desirable, according to the eu member states. Close cooperation between all relevant public and private actors is crucial to increase the production capacity and global care with vaccines against the novel coronavirus, the eu council of ministers writes into intellectual rights in conclusions on european politics.

Action against rechtsverstobe and "piracy"

The eu countries see it with the paper decided on friday as a "promising way", "on voluntary solutions for sharing intellectual property, know-how and data to leave worldwide access to critical products for the diagnosis to ensure treatment and pravention of covid-19 ". Generally, "intellectual property" is very important for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as the economic recovery after the corona crisis. Against legal assistance in this area such as product folds and "piracy" must therefore be decided.

The council generally underlines the need for strongly global support, in particular through the covax initiative, to make a vacuum offering to many earthburgers. It is all about donations of industrialized countries. The body thus appeals to all vaccine-producing countries, "actively participate in global efforts to increase global care".

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