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Car from the 3d printer drive first test rounds

Car from the 3D printer drive first test rounds

Cost-friendly and fast production and weight savings, these three advantages of additive manufacturing in 3d printing wanted to show the british company scaled with your project chameleon. Half a year ago, you prefer to print a small, ready to drive car.

Now the little flitzer turned his first rounds on the company’s land. The open one-seater reminds of the smallest e-car of renault, the twizy.

Scaled, a ingenieurburo specializing in 3d printing in the coarse style, used a rafinex software for topology optimization by stochastics. This means that the system transmits multiple random variants so as to develop the optimum frame structures adapted to the respective loads.

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Design study lit legendaren boliding life

Design study lit legendaren boliding life

Montreal, 12. January 2012 – the history of the car maker de tomaso is enough for the year 1959. Strangeness gained the brand with sports cars such as the pantera built between 1971 and 1993 or the spectacular mangusta (1967 -1971). In 2006, the company went into bankruptcy. The industrial gian mario rossignolo with his iai group awakened the cult brand to new life.

Suv study on the new beginning

At the geneva car salon 2011 de tomaso showed the suv study deauville full of pride. Commercially considered that the right car was allowed to start the new beginning, lively luxurious all-wheeller with much performance sell well with the competition. But to revive the image of sports car blacksmiths, a bolide had to come from the format of the mangusta. A successful design study has now submitted the french student maxime de keiser.

Flat and edgy like the original

His design of a "mangusta legacy concept car" is clearly recognizable as a new edition of the original mangusta. The mid-motor sports enthusiast works as flat and edgy as the original. Three rough air inside and a killer grill with "mangusta"-lettering prague the front view. Like the shield mittens of a baseball player, the bonnet has moved far into the face of the de tomaso, from the headlights is just the lower half. Rough air intake in front of the rear faucets should supply air to the engine air. Compared to the narrow-cut side windows, the windscreen of the design study looks like a panoramic roof. An extendable rear spoiler ensures more output. Huge alloy wheels complete the sporty appearance of the mangusta new edition. Whether de tomaso is inspired by computer animation to build a true car, is currently completely open.

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Audi’s assistance systems of the near future

Audi's assistance systems of the near future

Munchen, 23. November 2011 – "it’s a bug that cars were invented before computer", said google ceo eric schmidt 2010. Because in nine out of ten unpaid, man is responsible, not the technology. The drivers know that, even if they are reluctant to admit, and of course the manufacturers know it just as well and plug each year more assistance systems in their vehicles. Now audi has introduced a package full of electronic helpers of the next generation.

Pre crime

Already available in series is pre sense, a system that is to help in the most complex expansion stage pre sense plus for frontal and rear collisions. In the case of the front impact, the system can "remove up to 40 km / h from the system", how the experts print out. In other words: up to 40 km / h, the collision is prevented by an autonomous braking, at tempo 90 is still bouncing at 50 km / h. As long as audi still has to expect driver input, it is difficult to find the optimal value here. Nobody wants to drive a car that makes a violent braking from high speeds to a standstill just because a sensor is dirty or defective.

Therefore, the system will be further developed. In series, autonomous full braking takes place very spat, because the driver could still avoid the accident by dodging. But what if this possibility does not exist? On a stallend, for example, on the left the highway plank could make an avoidance impossible, while other cars are located on the right track. Then the automatic braking could occur earlier and more pace "remove".

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Saab clears up payment problems

The management of the ailing carmaker saab has for the first time admitted payment difficulties, but denies the possibility of bankruptcy. "We had a slight morning chill", saab’s dutch owner victor muller said monday at the launch of new models in nacka, near stockholm, about temporary production stoppages last week. Suppliers had suspended cooperation due to failure to make payments.

Muller went on to say: "saab is by no means on the verge of collapse. A year from now we will be presenting our models just as we are now." the dutch owner had taken over the company, which had been operating at a loss for almost 20 years, from the us company general motors last year.

Before that, muller himself had only made losses with the very small dutch sports car manufacturer spyker cars. The original target of 80,000 cars sold this year is now considered unrealistic by.000 cars sold is now considered unrealistic even by saab itself. Last year, the company sold only 32,000.000 cars sold.

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Plain language: the main thing

There are some things in vehicle construction that are openly recognizable in terms of their quality, and there are the closed things that only prove in action what they cannot do. There is more and more of the latter, as software in high-tech cars already accounts for half of the value added, and the trend is rising sharply. We buy hidden things by list, because we care about the resale value, without which hardly anyone would buy a new car today. On the compost heap of this problem area grows the weed of every software development: the common featuritis.

Today, when we complain about the many small defects that have become a matter of course in cars, we blame them on electronics, because electronics now occupies such a large part of the vehicle construction. In reality, electronics almost always make our vehicles more reliable. Just imagine trying to build a vehicle with today’s functionality without electronics. It would not get ten meters far. No, the high error rate that has become a habit is due to the high overall complexity of today’s vehicles. And as the main culprit for the misery, the featuritis stands here in the pillory: offer everything possible, but nothing of it correctly.


I first encountered the word "featureitis" in application development. For the younger ones: an "application" is the german word for an "aaapp". If one wrote an application, then one had to market the product afterwards naturally. In marketing it is even more noticeable than in emails to your boss that most people do not read the first letter of the headline, but answer blindly. Write only, the joke medium of the seventies, is today everyday life in each rough office.

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Acea calls for delays in emissions tests

Acea calls for delays in emissions tests

The european automobile association acea wants to postpone the tightening of new exhaust emission tests. The industry association criticized in brussels today that since the rules for the tests planned for september 2017 may not be finalized until may, manufacturers do not have enough lead time. The eu commission showed little understanding for the demand.

In principle, the requirements should still be agreed in december, but until they are finally decided, it was allowed to take several more months.

"We are facing a very practical problem," explained acea secretary general erik jonnaert. "The uncertainty of new specifications simply leaves manufacturers too little time to make the necessary changes in the design of vehicles, engines, exhaust systems and assembly lines."In principle, however, acea is in favor of stricter rules. Jonnaert complained that the complex requirements were introduced in several packages. "Sensible planning has become an almost impossible task for car manufacturers."

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New honda civic for the usa

New honda civic for the usa

Torrance (usa), 28. April 2011 – honda leaves the civic for europe and the usa are visually different cars. From now on the americans can order the new model. It is offered in many variants as limousine and popular coupe version. Auber the normal versions there is an oko variant, a power version, a hybrid and a natural gas output.

More space than in the process

Inside, the inmates receive a cockpit curved around the driver’s seat. The speed indicator is placed far above. The room for passengers falls in the limousine compared to the process of gross. The shoulders of driver and front passenger find more freedom of movement, as well as the legs of the fellow travelers in the rear. 354 liters tests the trunk volume in the limousine, 331 liters fit into the coupe.

Four equipment lines

There are four equipment lines available: the base "dx", the upscale variant "lx", the full equipment "ex" as well as the luxury version "ex-l". A newly developed electronic power steering is standard mab. Among the equipment details, among other things, the new "intelligent" multi-information display i-mid. It includes a funf inch lcd monitor as well as a usb port and will be installed from the lx equipment. Except for the si, the power-civic, all variants offer the "eco assist"-system. It is an oko mode that gives, for example, the driver optical information for an economic driving style. From the lx, the passengers listen to the sounds from a 160-watt cd radio – 360 watts velvet subwoofer offer the ex and the ex-l. From the ex attisence series-mabig a bluetooth handsfree device for inventory, from this equipment line is also the installation of the optional navigation system with 16 gigabytes of coarse flash memory.

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E10: what brings the new biosprit?

The one see biosprit as a guarantee for more climate protection in traffic. The others refer to a unfortunate competition between tank and plate – and fear of higher fuel prices. "The requirement of the biosprit has hunger crawls", says about the boss of the muncher ifo institute, the okonom hans-werner sense. So the tortilla crisis in 2007 was created by the high corn requirement in mexico. Biosprit is an expensive wrong, meaning sense.

Now 2011 comes a new biofuel to the german petrol stations, in the field of eggs e10. Instead of a former funf-percent admixture of ethanol to the fuel, superbenziene are added ten percent ethanol. However, the bioethanol mixture was able to be consuming in many places in the course of the first quarter on the petroleum, as the conversion for mineral groups and gas stations is expensive.

Federal government and bundesrat had frosted the way in autumn for the introduction of the new organic super-festival, with which an eu directive is implemented. 90 percent of the cars can be refueling e10 – usually all cars from year of construction 1990, with brands like audi, ford, opel, vw or bmw are almost all models e10-suitable. At mercedes almost all cars produced after 1985. But about 3.5 million cars do not tolerate the new fuel – in case of doubt one asks best at the manufacturer. "If you are not sure, you should continue to refuel the normal, with funf percent bioethanol petrol", say transport minister peter ramsauer (csu). By 2013, this common fuel continues to be relevant.

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