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Keyboard with giant trackpad for ipad pro

Keyboard with giant trackpad for ipad pro

The accessory breeder brydge specialized in keyboards and docking stations has introduced an all-in-one keyboard for the ipad pro with 12.9 inches coarse display, which contains the previously large integrated integration for the tablet. The periphery is compatible with all current ipad pro-12.9 models for generation 3.

Connection via bluetooth

The creation area of the brydge 12.9 max + should be opposite the process of brydge 12.9 pro + doubled – apple’s magic keyboard also has a smaller trackpad. The hardware is attached via a magnetic jerk part on the ipad, which simultaneously protects the display. Connected by bluetooth. With a battery charge, it should last three months. The keyboard is backlit with adjustable brightness; in addition, brydge is installed in contrast to apple a function keybar with media functions and a sleep / wake button.

New firmware for multitouch

Brydge had published a new firmware in the spring year, which should give the keyboards full trackpad functionality – so as with apple’s magic keyboard, which is connected to the smart connector with the ipad via the smart connector. This means that multouch gestures are possible for the first time. For a long time, one was drawn with the brydge system here.

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New safety rules at online shopping

New safety rules at online shopping

If you use a credit card or paypal when shopping on the net, you should be more frequenting from january 2021 "strong customer authentication" (sca) stoben. This particular form of two-factor authentication writes the second european payment serviceslline (psd2) in the eu now binding for the mentioned payment methods. This ends the phase in which the european financial supervisors have not yet enforced the sca on the trade associations.

When how where?

For them as a consumer means that after clicking on "pay" essentially often a security query of your credit institution ("card outstanding bank") can appear. The names of the procedures remain the same: you talk about "3d secure"; the own names of mastercard are "identity check" and "secure code", visa calls you "visa secure" and "verified by visa", american express "safekeep".

When query you must take the booking with a second factor, similar to the online banking. This can be a tan that you receive by sms (plus security question) or after the scan of a code with a reader. However, many banks also use the smartphone as a platform on which they have to confirm approximately a punctured in the push process query. Make sure that your reader, mobile phone or smartphone also displays the handler as well as the preservation and amount of purchasing correctly. Since every bank and savings bank are free in which procedures they offer them, they should inform themselves timely there. We have put together an overview of many banks last year.

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Tvos 15: log in services is less annoying

TVOS 15: Log in Services is less annoying

Apple will fix a control problem with the upcoming version of the apple tv operating system, the user has been planning for years: the externally storing input of passwords on the multimediabox. Currently you can either carry out this very slowly via the apple remote or use an iphone as a keyboard – alternatively, the use of a bluetooth keyboard is possible. Not planned is the use of touch id and face id on a coupled iphone.

Finally, log in

Exactly that should be implemented with tvos 15 now. Developers can be the so-called "sign in with apple device"-use function, for which the group has made an extension of its authentication services for the multimediabox. If it is implemented, when logging in appears "sign up with apple gerat"-logo. A iphone automatically receives a notification. Axely authenticated on the device by means of a fingerprint (touch id) or face scan (face id) – the necessary password comes from the keybound (for example, it must be deposited on the iphone before).

According to apple, the new login possibility is also available for ipads with face id or touch id. Unfortunately, there is no automatism – developers must explicitly tang "sign in with apple device" to support in your tvos programs. Apple describes the exact procedure in a video, which was published to the developer conference wwdc in the beginning of the month.

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Apple tv 4k 2021: not only the processor a12 is new

After almost four years, apple has finally updated his multimediabox apple tv on tuesday. Highlights are an accelerated soc including faster gpu cores as well as a superpendent remote control, the new siri remote. However, a lot has happened internally.

For this purpose, apple continues to donate the device designated as apple tv 4k for the first time a hdmi-2.1-fahal connection. So far, the box dominated only hdmi 2.0a. With the new port 4k-hdr video with 60 fps can be output. Code in tvos 14.5, however, suggests that even 120 hertz could be possible – apple has not yet been uplowered. In the beta of the operating system, there are also evidence of the support of the earc technology for improved audio transmission. In terms of wlan there is an upgrade to 802.11ax (wifi 6) including mimo antenna array. Wifi 6 is now ready in many new apple advisers and allows with matching routers more speed, higher ranges and less latency.

The chip is actually too old

Furthermore, the manufacturer integrates for the first time the new mesh crosslinking technology thread at apple tv – after the first use in the homepod mini. This is especially useful for homekit applications. The soc installed by apple in the new multimediabox, however, can be considered as a suspension. It is the a12 bionic processor, which celebrated its debut for the first time in the iphone xs, xs max and xr in 2018, 2019 he then came in changed variants in ipad air, ipad mini and finally 2020 in the ipad.

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Danger button cell: australian handler takes airtag from the program

DANGER Button cell: Australian handler takes airtag from the program

Apple’s airtag locking mechanism ensures arger: the australian trading chain officeworks has taken the small bluetooth trackers from the program shortly after the start of sales – apparently from concern about the relatively easy access to the contained button cell battery.

You can connect the product "in the interim" do not buy there, you are waiting for further instructions of product safety sustainable australian competition and consumer commission (accc), explained officeworks in an opinion gizmodo australia. The handler also work with apple to avoid security concerns.

Print and turn for airtag button cell

The australian regulatory work declared that the matter is related to the button cell battery: one has of concerns about the "accessibility" the button cell in the airtags experienced, so the accc opposite gizmodo. Further details were not known. Other australian handlers seem to leave airtags unnecessary in the program.

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Big sur: cleaved personality in the version number

Big Sur: cleaved personality in the version number

To the surprises on apple’s this year developer meeting world wide developer conference (wwdc) 2020 paid the fact that macos made a rough leap forwards to its version number. Big sur officially does not use how generally accepted, macos 10.16, but is officially designated by the manufacturer as macos 11. Reason for the comprehensive design cheers that apple has made, the group itself.

That was it with mac os x – actually

So that the mac-os x-ara, which started almost 20 years ago, is actually officially finished. However, if you look at a look at the beta of probably the new mac operating system appearing in october, will find that macos 11 has not arrived anywhere. In fact, big sur makes a kind of version number technical double life.

The new macos is simultaneously as macos 11 and macos 10.16, depending on which place you look at. As the developer howard oakley has found, it depends on what you query – and depending on big sur answers differently.

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