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Bubgelden abroad can go to the thousands

Bubgelden abroad can go to the thousands

Munchen, 23. May 2012 – for a year, deutsche behords will be habited with bub money certificates from the european countries. That can really hurt, because lawn, dramming and too much alcohol is comparatively expensive in most countries.

Drive in norway only without a cant

In some countries, too unusual regulations apply. So only a few know that a roundabout in most countries have to be left at the next exit, if you drive on the right track. An easter rich speciality is: who holds ahead of a crossroads, automatically waives his eventual right of way. In sweden, a car may be parked for a maximum of five days at the same (public) spot. In the neighboring country norway, smoking is banned at the tax and in france the towing vehicles with private cars.

The evergreen alcohol at the wheel

At the topic of alcohol, there are a variety of different regulations. In france, an alcohol test apparatus must be available from july 2012 in each car. The book money is low with eleven euros, and it is enough for a simple shotterute with tube, which is already available for around a euro on gas stations. More than 0.5 per thousand cost in france 750 euros. High are the bubgelder at alcohol at the wheel in ireland (1270 euros), poland (up to € 1300) and great britain (up to 7350 euros). Danemark charges even up to a monthly income. In croatia, romania, slovakia, czech republic and hungary, the 0.0-per-thousand border. Norway, poland or sweden steps on from 0.2 per thousand.

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There is no grunes life in the wrong

There is no grunes life in the wrong

Image: bundis 90 / the great north rhine-westphalia / cc by-sa 2.0

The green falls in the climate crisis a central ideological function. Comment

The grunen chancellor can? This question, raised by mirror-online, seems quite justified in view of the results of the youngest state elections. Bundis 90 / grununen was able to grow in both countries, the party is considered the clear electoral winner of the urn gang in rhineland-palatinate and baden-wurttemberg.

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Bug in hdmi-2.1-chips: av receiver, next gene console and graphics cards affected

Bug in HDMI-2.1 chips: AV receiver, Next-Gen console and graphics cards affected

After the market import of hdmi 2.Had attracted for years, denon, marantz and yamaha presented the first audio / video receiver in recent months with the new version of the audio / video interface – point to import the next-generation consoles xbox series from microsoft and sony’s playstation 5 (ps5) and nvidia’s graphics cards of the rtx-30 series. The new devices give over hdmi 2.1 video in 4k resolution with 120 frames per second (short 4k120) or even in 8k with up to 60 hertz (8k60) with full color resolution and increased contrast circumference (hdr).

As c is reported in the current ie c’t 23/2020, a mutual breakdown of the chip manufacturer panasonic solutions (now supposed by nuvoton technology), however, ensures that according to current state of knowledge translating hdmi-2.1-cape receiver of denon, marantz and yamaha in certain commentators are unable to transfer videos in these ultra-high resolution resolutions to tv free to transfer. The tv screen then remains due to hdmi-2.1-pinch black.

According to research of the c’t, this problem also concerns receiver models, which are currently still in development – which has been allowed to belonged to the avantage models of yamaha, which has already been awaited for a long time. Onkyo / pioneer and sony should also have purchased the addressed hdmi chips at panasonic solutions; but these companies still have no av receivers with hdmi 2.1 on.

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Car from the 3d printer drive first test rounds

Car from the 3D printer drive first test rounds

Cost-friendly and fast production and weight savings, these three advantages of additive manufacturing in 3d printing wanted to show the british company scaled with your project chameleon. Half a year ago, you prefer to print a small, ready to drive car.

Now the little flitzer turned his first rounds on the company’s land. The open one-seater reminds of the smallest e-car of renault, the twizy.

Scaled, a ingenieurburo specializing in 3d printing in the coarse style, used a rafinex software for topology optimization by stochastics. This means that the system transmits multiple random variants so as to develop the optimum frame structures adapted to the respective loads.

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Sex scamming

Sex scamming

Scammers use the money transfer among other western union. Photo: usia. License: cc by-sa 3.0

In a moroccan small town, an industry has developed, the arabs from the gulf states lures via facebook and skype in errrbergsflecken

In central marokko, there is a small town called oued zem, which, according to the bbc reporter reda el mawy, has established a new business so that the economy has succumbed to the economy there: skype-sex scamming, mainly on rich arabs the gulf state is aimed at.

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Eu is intended to take a lead in grunric hydrogen

EU is intended to take a lead in grunric hydrogen

From 2020 to 2024, in the eu electrolysis facilities for renewable hydrogen should be installed with a capacity of at least 6 gigawatts and a production of up to one million tonnes of the clean energy carrier. By 2030, at least 40 gigawatts or 10 million tonnes are provided. These goals has now set up the eu commission with its hydrogen strategy.

From 2030 to 2050, the technique should be mature for renewable hydrogen and "in coarse mabboat in all sectors in which the decarbonization is difficult, be used". "We need green hydrogen for steel, cement, chemistry and heavy duty traffic", the commission practice prosident frans timmermans, emphasized for the green deal.

According to the strategy of the eu commission, hydrogen should provide energy with energy, "which are not suitable for the electrification". In addition, he should help to store electricity when temporar consists of little demand for renewable energies. "Primary goal" will be the development of green hydrogen, which is mainly produced by wind and solar energy. Short and medium term, however, other forms of co2-poor hydrogen is needed to quickly reduce emissions and support the development of a carrying market.

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Pope vs. Bannon

Pope Vs. Bannon

Papstaudienz on 1. August. 2018-08-01_rom_papstaudienz-002.Jpg: image: dede454 / cc by-sa-4.0

Handy factions inside the catholic clergy fight for the art course of the church. Pope under fire reactionar force

Initially, it seemed to be one of those out-of-padophilic and sex scandals that repeatedly exhausted the clergy of the catholic church. Theodore mccarrick, the former archbishop of washington, have his pope his "jerking from the cardinal college offered", registered catholic media ending july 2018. Mccarrick has led the archdiocese of washington 2001 to 2006. Between 1970 and 1990, he is intended to have budding priesthood candidates for sexual acts and have sexually abused at least two minor teams. The pope took the mccarrick’s request.

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Good vs. Better

Stuttgart, 17. May 2016 – my new bike is here, the ktm 690 duke r. Like my first duke back in 2012 i bought it because i happened to ride it, this time in gran canaria at the prasentation in winter. I didn’t know the previous duke r, and probably that was the problem: my light bike with more power and smart chassis! This was a revelation. In addition, the 2016 model comes with a tft display, which should be fine with me if it (unlike the speedometer before) remains tight, and an electronics package with schraglagenschatzeisen for traction control and the bosch msc (schraglagenabhangiger brake force distributor front. Also these things i have not missed before, because the duke by weight and ergonomics always remained well controllable on slippery ground. But the nuchtern considered small changes apart from the headlines make from the duke with r a completely different motorcycle.


Ktm, for example, is building a lower, narrower handlebar. The upturned handlebar ends on the standard duke never consciously bothered me until i sat on the r, where the handlebars fit like a glove. After that, the standard steering system did not work at all. That the standard brake has its weaknesses, we know, and they love themselves with the cheap mabnahme "other coatings" cheaply loose. Still, it’s a blast how the complete (master pump, hand lever, disc, caliper) one-shelf-high front brake system grips even on the new, not-yet-braked disc.

I haven’t weighed it yet, but it could be that what they said is true: that this bike has become even lighter despite euro 4 and sensor package. To maneuver this bike compared to all its competitors is a relief in the literal sense of the word. Then to ride this for a day on the little roads that stuttgart is surrounded by always shows me how hard others have it. Now the bike came naturally with 0 kilometers on the clock to me and is like the old duke meticulously broken in, so that they also on the highway at permanent 170 km. But as i said, i already know the engine, and secondly, even a single driver notices how much more usable torque comes from further down instead of raving at the chain with an axe, and that thanks to the second balancer shaft, you can suddenly see something in the rear view mirrors at country road speeds without having to hold them.

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Weiterstadt, 23. July 2013 – some customers were already surprised: about years the seat leon was only available as a jarring variant. This will now be different: with the current generation since 2012, it will soon be a station wagon next to the funfturer and the threimorer sc "st" give.

More dynamic than voluminous

The sheet-shaped roof acts dynamic. At 4.54 meters, the st funfturige leon surgery around 27 centimeters. If you had used better with a steeper tail, the st could transport more – but the maximum volume should have stood below the elegant line in the specifications. With 587 to 1470 liters, the st is swallowing significantly more luggage than the funfturige leon (380 to 1210 liters) and the short-set exeo st (442 to 1354 liters), but a lot less than the vw-pendant golf variant (605 to 1620 liters to). Maybe the compact is a few nice gimmicks, which qualify him as a van for bulky cargo. So the back seat laths can be unfolded uncomplicated from the pack space. To stowed a very long charge, the back of the passenger seat can be transferred. A double loading floor helps on the one hand the order and on the other hand the comfortable loading and unloading.

Many motors and sports variant with progressive steering

Seat promises for its new combination of economical engines, which are already known from the funftural leon. The tdi and tsi aggregates with a capacity of 1.2 to 2.0 liters and a capacity of 86 to 184 hp works all with direct injection and turbocharging. The strongest motorization in the program, the 2.0 tdi with 184 hp, should be with an average of 4.3 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers, which corresponds to a co2 outlet of 112 grams per kilometer. For the sports variant fr is the adaptive chassis control dcc with the four modes comfort, sport, eco and individual. Optionally, a progressive steering is available for the fr. Depending on the steering movement, the steering control varies here. For example, while parking, less cranking should be of notes and to increase the driving dynamics on winding dashes.

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Design study lit legendaren boliding life

Design study lit legendaren boliding life

Montreal, 12. January 2012 – the history of the car maker de tomaso is enough for the year 1959. Strangeness gained the brand with sports cars such as the pantera built between 1971 and 1993 or the spectacular mangusta (1967 -1971). In 2006, the company went into bankruptcy. The industrial gian mario rossignolo with his iai group awakened the cult brand to new life.

Suv study on the new beginning

At the geneva car salon 2011 de tomaso showed the suv study deauville full of pride. Commercially considered that the right car was allowed to start the new beginning, lively luxurious all-wheeller with much performance sell well with the competition. But to revive the image of sports car blacksmiths, a bolide had to come from the format of the mangusta. A successful design study has now submitted the french student maxime de keiser.

Flat and edgy like the original

His design of a "mangusta legacy concept car" is clearly recognizable as a new edition of the original mangusta. The mid-motor sports enthusiast works as flat and edgy as the original. Three rough air inside and a killer grill with "mangusta"-lettering prague the front view. Like the shield mittens of a baseball player, the bonnet has moved far into the face of the de tomaso, from the headlights is just the lower half. Rough air intake in front of the rear faucets should supply air to the engine air. Compared to the narrow-cut side windows, the windscreen of the design study looks like a panoramic roof. An extendable rear spoiler ensures more output. Huge alloy wheels complete the sporty appearance of the mangusta new edition. Whether de tomaso is inspired by computer animation to build a true car, is currently completely open.

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