Today is freedom day in england

Today is Freedom Day in England

Seven-day incidence: during germany values above 10 are already being considered critical, the value in the great britain is far above 400. Boris johnson still raises mask obligation and other maws and asks in quartaine video for caution

"Spinners the uscher?", the question was, as prime minister boris johnson the "freedom day" merged, the abolition of the most important corona restrictions from 19. July. So from today the mask wearing in interior space with crowds is no longer mandatory, but only more urgent recommended: "please, please pleease", be cautious-propently!, boris johnson appeals to the population.

He also mentions the considerable increase in infections through the delta variant in his video. There were numbers of new infections in the youngest time, which is very far above 40.000 daily were, partly it was even over 50.000. This was also acknowledged outside of england and let the field attempt with the self-responsibility appear more darable. In addition, british scientists came the abolition of the measures as "dangerous, hired and unethical" designated. They warned of hundred thousands of infections.


With 100.000 new infections per day goods actually reached a border if one follows the success criteria that professor neil ferguson establishes imperial college. This is from the newspaper the telegraph quotes that the fall numbers of the new infections the tip of 100.000 daily can reach shortly, but then to stay below. The daily hospital instructions should be under the 1.Remain 000 brand. Currently the average of the last seven days (seven-day rolling number of admissions) at 616 instructions daily, reports the newspaper.

Of the telegraph-article tries to relativize the surprise on the high numbers of the registered newly infected, in which he supports a central argument of the government: that vaccination strongly passed the relationship between corona infections and the serious course of a corona disease.

The uncovered boris johnson in his current video again and the skepticism is the main argument of the scientist mentioned. Meanwhile, around 1 should.000 scientists who have appealed to the government to the government to wait with the abolition of the maws.

According to telegraph contemporarily shows a completely different picture than in early corona waves, as far as many people were still vaccinated (stat 17. July was 68.3 percent in the uk completely vaccinated and 87.9 percent simple).

The death trap became "currently only a sixteenth of the level" be, "the aforementioned similar infection rates was seen in fruheren covid waves", so the newspaper, which calls on the latest numbers:

The youngest data show that despite an increase in the fall numbers the daily number (the corona-dead, insert. D. A.) only 25 fraud on sunday, compared with 414 on 29. January, as the seven-day fall rate near the current rate of 45.000 new infections per day was.

The daily average value "seven-day rolling daily death rate" is currently only 40 compared to 559 on 29. December (…).

The death rate in england and wales is currently 5.2 percent below the funf-year average, so the figures of the office for national statistics (ons), with covid only 1.2 percent of the death trap.

The number of hospital instructs is a quarter of the value at the same time of the winter wave, while the number of patients in the hospital lies with a five-handed funga.


Covid is for most people "by vaccination have become a much milder illness". The set of epidemiologist tim spector contains the bet of the english government. It is reported that an increase in infections is also observed by double vaccines. How this evolves, is the preservation sample.

For this there is a prominent case, the covid infection of the minister of health sajid javid, who had previously been vaccinated twice with astrazeneca. The symptoms are mild, said the politician who has only been in office for several weeks. An observation on the edge is that the disease of the minister of health was also reported in many live tickers in this country, the indication that the disease – at least so far progressed was mostly in smaller-printed some sets below the thick-printed title bar.


Javid as well as his supervisor johnson, just in the next tumult on the corona mails, have tried to escape a tentan-long quartaine, which is intended for their trap (infection, contact to infected). They tried to achieve this over a release, which is possible by participating in a pilot study. This examines whether the quarantine requirements can be replaced by stulse tests.

Johnson and javid had to emphasize ("vips try to get special regulations for yourself" – both had not registered in time for the pilot attempt") in the quarter. But now the quarantane regulation is in criticism. An app of the health system requires the quartaine when a contagion or that is reported to an infected. This also applies to double-vaccinated.

In view of the high of the new infections, the numbers of the prescribed self quantities also gave the high.

It should not surprise that 530.126 people in the first week of july from the mobile app "ping" became – a tenfold in a month – considering that in the same week 186.422 persons have been tested positively.

Financial times

For the business world, including supermarkets, which promise the beginning of a strong recovery from the end of the maws, this is a problem if many employees have to stay at home. Therefore, the government should decorrect. So far, it is vaguely how urgent the self-azarantane must be followed, as this is not prescribed by law. The entrepreneurs now want security over the "pingdemic"-mask.