Kunftige sicklowing via videosprechstunde possible

Kunftige Sicklowing via VideosPrechstunde possible

Patients can be pleased with the physician from the doctor. Prerequisite for sick leave by video is that the insured of the attending medical practice is known and the disease allocates an investigation by video pronging hours. This decided by the joint federal committee of top representatives of the doctors, health insurance and hospitalists, as the committee announced on thursday in berlin.

The initial determination of labor compensation is limited to seven calendar days. Furthermore, follow-up sicknesses are only possible via video pronging lesson if the previous sick leave was exhibited in an immediate personnel examination. Insured persons who have never been imagined in the medical office concerned, are completely excluded. Also, the determination of a labor compensation on the basis of an online questionnaire, a chat survey or a phone call is not permitted.

No general claim to video crank

"The standard for the determination of labor compensation continues the immediate personnel examination by a doctor or a doctor. In individual cases, however, the determination of labor compensation about a video pronging lesson should be possible, quite independent of pandemies", earlier dr. Monika lelgemann of the joint federal committee.

However, a general claim of insured persons on sick leave via videosprechstunde does not exist. The new possibility was provided independently of the corona pandemic, as the committee stressed. In addition, from 1. January 2021 the certificate of employment for health insurance digitized and electronically transmitted.