Eclipse microprofile improves connection to development environments

Eclipse MicroProfile improves connection to development environments

Around eclipse microprofile, two open source tools have been created that should simplify the development of applications with the specification designed above all on microservices. The language server for eclipse microprofile (lsp4mp) offers connection to the language server protocol, and the tools for microprofile provide a specific connection to microsoft’s source-off sourcecode editor visual studio code for the protocol.

Help for properties and java code

The lsp4mp relies on the language server protocol to offer an ideal integration of helps such as auto resistance and quick fixes. He offers for the microprofile config.Properties defined properties, among others, car resistance, help when driving over with the mouse (hover), display of definitions as well as validation and quick fixes.

Eclipse MicroProfile improves connection to development environments

Lsp4mp shows the associated microprofile documentation, inter alia, with the mouse overriding properties with the mouse.

For java files, he also brings functions such as car detection and quick fixes and additionally code snippets and insight into codelens. The tools for microprofile are a specific extension for visual studio code to use the lsp4mp extension. Optionally, there is additional vscode quark, which aims for quarkus applications.

Microprofile, language server and quarkus

Microprofile is currently in version 3.3 available. On the designer of the specification of the red hat, ibm, tomitribe and payara, who have launched the project in june 2016, especially with a look at microservices and containerized applications. Microprofile sets a minimum base stack that developer can expand and the only jax-rs (java api for restful web services), json-p and cdi (contexts and dependency injection) contains. After the release of microprofile 1.0 found the project in december 2016 a home under the roof of the eclipse foundation.

The language server protocol had presented microsoft, red hat and codevy together in june 2016. It is a unified interface between development environments and locally installed on the workstation for specific programming languages. The latter provide the context-dependent information to the ide.

Quarkus is finally a swelled java framework, the red hat in the spring of 2019 with the slogan "supersonic subatomic java" confilled and in november of the same years in version 1.0 has published. It combines imperative and reactive programming styles and aims at containerized applications.

More details about the eclipse language server for microprofile and the tools for microprofile can be found in the envision. Both that of red hat the latter project as well as the lsp4mp managed by the eclipse foundation can be found on github. There, the repository also exists to the quarkus tools for visual studio code.