Corona as a religion

Corona as a religion

In the land of the sunder, the denier and the credans: the powerlessness of the people and the omnipotence of the disease. Comment

The tradition of the underprints teaches us that the ’emergency state’ in which we live is the rule. … The amazement of that that things we experience are still possible in the twentieth century is not a philosophical. It is not at the beginning of a realization, unless that the idea of history, from which it comes, is not to be kept.

Walter benjamin: "about the concept of history", 1940

In capitalism is a religion to see, d.H. Capitalism is essential to satisfy the same worries, torments, riots, on which formerly the so-called religions answered answer.

Walter benjamin: "capitalism as a religion", 1921

The allerms are still aming that corona marks a clear state of exception and not a culture and oconoming ruch. Even most of all, we believe that at some point we return to a state in the next year, which will be the way he has been until february this year. Since you should not be so sure. Rather, we, at least we, is adult, for the rest of our lives and the present in a time "before corona" and "to corona" be divided.

This should just be aware of those who understand themselves rather than skeptics. This does not mean smashing ignorant and disease subtercomers, but not a few who take note of the disease, but keep the reaction to it for salinous. And those of the social, cultural and economic consequences of this reaction as a worse and dangerous rather than the disease to be excited here.

The reaction of the ruling and social majority betrayed above all our imperiness, with risk and risk, just with death danger and health risk. She betrayed our ability to the realitation liability and our ability to convimate our things.

Corona will make the most of our opposite discourses obsolete. At least the way we have been talking about things so far, sometimes the topics themselves. Corona becomes many ies of environmental protection, climate policy, gender equality, diversitat and a coarse part of similar topics, with which we have quite sold ourselves with good reasons, but also from a luxury position, so far has been distributed time, so far the time.

In the land of dreams, phantas and corona creders

We further dream of dreaming that we can receive our society as she was in front of corona. Even with her dark sides. We did not want to acknowledge that we will be asked in front of the situation to deal with the death of many people, and so that under these dead people are also people we know, which we love maybe we herself. It moges in germany comparatively little die, for that elsewhere all the more. This also affects us. To accept this death, we have been relocated – whether this lens is a civilization progress, is by no means identified. That’s a difficult terrain.

We might fool us instead that it could be possible to destroy the disease with possible strict hygiene and precautionary acceptances and medical maws and a very hard, very unfree health regime and to pay the threat. We wanted to persuade us that it would be possible if you have a few months "really" friction and "only" for a few months, the social life exposes to get rid of the ubel. And then it could be a way for all.

It is after my segregation a puritan purity and asketism fantasy, which did not first emerge through corona, but now lives up here.

We like to criticize all the possible parts and layers and groups of society – our own, especially right of the other – to threaten them partially with hard police and burial assays, to arrest, to horrendous fines, which sprinkle every mab. We call them "corona denier" and do not realize that ourselves here are the corona credans.

We believe in corona like one "god": there’s something that comes from auben, which is unevenly more powerful than us yourself and that we have imposed on us, which we have faithful to follow, and then we will be rewarded that we faithfully follow them. Those who do not follow the bids treat as a religious sect treated the harestics: we border them out; we pay attention; we call you sunder ("corona sunder"to). We are punishable.

But the most violent and especially courage we criticize those who are the same "god" believe that but another sect. That’s the ones who "god" has also revealed, but they are on the same bids of the "god" react with other measures (china, sweden). We have the unconditional desire to prove that we are right and why the others are wrong.

We look forward to a certain degree if you seem failure if the grace of ours "god" about us more lights up than the other. We are also welcome in a way that our freedom is surprised that we finally know what to do is that the "mr. Sent us a message".

What is at least overlooking, however, is that the god of the old testament, like that of the new testament, has been a stricter, punitive and a riching god. Sometimes even a racco. We talk that this god is not dear and liable to the people. That he has demanded from abraham to sacrifice his son isaac that he gave his own son and approved that this son was tortured to death and died a cruel death – only then was he allowed to resurrect, and only then was he allowed to to become a new religion.

Already this love of suffering, torture and death should make us skeptical against the religious approach to our own crashes with corona.