Baroque mercury

Neal stephensons new book "quicksilver" and the envision of the "baroque cycle" ensure appearance in the usa on the web for excitement

Neal stephenson, alongside william gibson and bruce sterling one of the very coarse cyberpunk-sf authors, lays on 23. September 2003 in america his new book quicksilver before. The almost 1.000 pages strong book is the continuation of his novel "cryptonomicon", whereas appear 2 years ago also in germany for objects (the course of the empire takes its way).

The code at the entrance of the baroque cycle website has already been cracked

Tackle "cryptonomicon" still with jumping between 2 time levels, the ii. World war and the present, the studied physicist and geographer stephenson settles "quicksilver" in the 17th. Century. So in the age of isaac newton and gottfried leibniz ‘, in which the natural sciences began to design a new picture of the world and thus the scientific basis for the spatere "enlightenment" deliver.

Leibniz, one of the few german universal scholars, not only wrote an existential philosophy and laid the foundation for comparative historical science and language research, he also built the first arithmetic machine and developed, independent of newton, the differential calculation. Newton, the discoverer of the gravitational act and casual of modern physics and acoustics, also invented the mirror telescope, was considered one of the most influential politicians of his time and was the decades of "munz leader of the british crown". He did not just have the hand at the pulse of the time.

This is exactly where stephenson joins in "quicksilver" his protagonist daniel waterhouse and closes the circle "cryptonomicon", in that of the kryptograph lawrence waterhouse and his grandson, randy waterhouse, the modern variant of a cryptographer and thus one "hacker", play the main roles. Like the english natural scenery robert hooke (1635 – 1703), which next to the quicksilber barometer u.A. A flying machine with wind turbine drive built, we can only be woven in the action, we can only guess. But his career of the trained mechanic on the naturalist and inventor of the universal joint (for mechanical engineering) to the curator of the royal society provides for a compaction in stephen’s senses a much ideal platform.

Also the more than opaque priests "cryptonomicon", enoch root, the age ego of stephenson, seems in "quicksilver" refrain a key role. Because the first chapter starts: "boston common, october 12, 1713, 10:33:52 a.M. Enoch rounds the corner just as the executioner raises the noose above the woman’s head." you can continue where you will also find a long interview with the author.

Who, like ourselves, with memory "map" on the website should not get along, found in todd garrison aid, tells how he has cracked the code and the property of the first signed book "quicksilver" will come.

"Quicksilver" is not only the continuation of "cryptonomicon", but also the one. Volume of the trilogy the baroque cycle. At intervals of six months from the 23. September 2003 stephenson wants us each with a new band of "cycle" give presents to. All attention. Even if, as he claims himself, nothing has made in recent years, as is the "the baroque cycle" to pay, is the for an author who writes everything with the full-spring holder and whose book is on average 800 pages, more than strict schedule.

But we do not want to complain – on the contrary: the reading of a stephenson is still the finest. Whether he with the two following bands the circle back up to "cryptonomicon" shipping, neal stephenson is still open. "Quicksilver" he clearly shows as "historical piece" the end. Wired published a short interview with the science fiction author, who has been a book "snow crash" and "diamond age" cult status in the digital scene genived, about the interest in the 17. Century.