There will be more escape bikes before the winter

There will be more escape bikes before the winter

The area that is not to fall into the hands of the kurds after the turkish government. Image: spesh531 / gfdl

The cause of "volker higration" are no tugs and no "asylum abuse"

Especially from syria, people trying to get the turkey and greece through macedonia, serbia and hungary or the mediterranean to italy to the eu before winter. Since turkey has allegedly connected in principle to the anti-is coalition coded by the united states, but primarily the kurds be recorded in order to prevent a continuously controlled corridor along the entire border, the last syrians was clear to the last syrians that they are being annited between the conflicting parties.

In order to prevent the possible formation of a kurdish state in syria at its own border, turkey calls for the establishment of a zone between the kurds-controlled areas in afrin and jarabulus in the nearby kobane. The area should the camphor of "mobilized opposition" control, which there is no practical. Here, an airbag zone should be set up with the us, which can also be sentenced to the attacks on the ground. This is sold as a strategy to deny the islamic state the way from and into turkey.

While the turkish government is constantly entitled to an agreement with the us government, this, for example, to use military senses in turkey to fly to the islamic state during the agreement. While the us has so far the kurdish camphor of the ypg, which the pkk was nearby, in the fight against the is supported, the turkey wants to weaken these out of its own geopolitical interests. Thus, the resistance to the islamic state could be peaked, the kurds have so far the decisive ones "ground troops" in syria and partly in iraq. If these areas were still overrun by is or the assad troops, the neighboring countries and europe were still confronted with coarse escape streams.

The decayed, torn and coarse-flaky-destructed country can not provide security, let alone the remaining and alignment that is not close to a conflicting party, let alone a future. While some european countries are confronted with taking the victims of the conflict from humanitarian grounds and at the same time against the growing defense of the escape of the escape of the escape, the co-causes of the crisis, especially the us, continue to be back, but also the main critain, too, eastern european and baltic states, who would like to demand solidarity against russia and because of the sanctions required by them, make a slim fufer.

With panic, the construction of the slightly over-windable border fence, hungary is built on the border with serbia. But he will not use much, there are other ways on bulgaria and romania or albania or kosovo. In the face of that the anti-is coalition has been flies daily for a year for a year later on is positions in syria and iraq, listening to the destruction of numerous buildings, positions, tanks, artillery and other equipment and several thousand is-camphor want to have been killed, the is was not greatly peak. He was backed up, especially in the fields where the kurds have ruled in syria and iraq, the is also spreads in afghanistan, the palastians, on the sinai, in libya and other north african countries. In addition, the us government is not even the congress behind him. He refused a war permit for a year and therefore eludes the military operation of parliamentary control.

It’s time that the eu involved the lander (france, great britain, danemark and holland) involved in inherent resolve, to take a different policy that does not produce more than more escape and only contrary to the erosion of any security for civilian life. Primar had to be massively supported the neighboring countries who have to cope with the escape masses – the us and the arab states of the coalition, everyone forward saudi arabia, bahrein and the united arab emirates had to engage much more here. United states alone, according to the pentagon, provide almost $ 10 million of us dollars for the air raids. With a monthly 300 million you could help the escape in the region. But how could a long-term strategy look like? She probably had to go out from the decay of iraq and syria. It is hardly imaginable, as in iraq and syria generally accepted central governments were created. The kurds were allowed to represent an important stability factor. In northern iraq, they have long been a quasi-state, in syria growth.

One can not bombs, as that seems to be the normal procedure of the us, but europe may have a chance to cooperate politically. However, all the landers had to be prepared to carry the escape problem together – and to loose. But after that, it does not look that the short-term egoisms and the conceptless warring, under which not only people in the war areas, but also to suffer in this country, because the conflicts were allowed to increase over the escape policies of sharp. And those who think in this country to come too short and save themselves, if they can expel escape, should first become political and the economic and social policies are responsible here that contributes to europe and in germany that the gap between arm and rich is increasingly focusing and the welfare state is crushed.