There is no grunes life in the wrong

There is no grunes life in the wrong

Image: bundis 90 / the great north rhine-westphalia / cc by-sa 2.0

The green falls in the climate crisis a central ideological function. Comment

The grunen chancellor can? This question, raised by mirror-online, seems quite justified in view of the results of the youngest state elections. Bundis 90 / grununen was able to grow in both countries, the party is considered the clear electoral winner of the urn gang in rhineland-palatinate and baden-wurttemberg.

Away from all regional phenomena, such as a conservative winfried kretschmann, which also addresses cdu-wahl, forms the manifest climate crisis the most important factor that contributes to the rise of the green contribution. The party, which has its original in the radical oko movement of the 1970s and 1980s, is considered the political force that has the highest skills in climate policy.

With the exception of the afd, all relevant social groups and actors is at least clear that the climate crisis is real and that comprehensive performance benefits of capitalist societies are required. More: the idea that after decades of failed capitalist climate policy can not go on, has long been compressed to a fundamental skepticism against the capitalist system.

Since the 1980s of the 20. Century were causes and consequences of climate change known the massive corporations of the energy industry. Since the 1990s, the energy industry has invested millions to finance climate containers and tore significant policies’ losses. For decades, about the federal government, smeared by the german auto industry, prevented a climate-political turnaround in europe.

The result of his ones "climate policy" the capitalist functional elite from politics and economy thus consists in a gigantic increase in emissions of greenhouse gases in recent decades. The growth of growth of the capital triumphs on all climate-political sunday speeches, which were kept on the climatic spots of the past decades.

The green ideology of okocapitalism

Here, in this fact, ingredient co2 emissions in the globalized capitalist "one world", sets the okocapital ideology of the green. The insight in the population to broadly gain that a fundamental change, a profound social transformation is necessary to effectively meet the consequences of the climate crisis, grow in a commitment to a great capitalism.

A new oko industry, new markets that the economy gain new growth, the climate crisis were overcome, so the central oconomic calculus of the intended ecological turning, which actually wants to leave everything at the old.

The okobranche was therefore intended to act as a new economic leadership, which could overcome economic stagnation and climate crisis during the economic wound. It only needs massive state start-finance to the new, green "accumulation regime" to help to breakthrough, so the logic of this green new deal.

The noske-fan robert habeck has expressed his commitment to capitalism at the beginning of marz against the institute of the german economy:

Capitalism has brought us incredible successes. In the world it lives today better and safer, richer and saders, healthy and more long than ever for a humanity generation on this planet.

Robert habeck

A solution for the climate crisis triggered by the growth of growth of the capital can therefore only exist in more capitalism for the grunes. All climate policy measures of the party will obey the relevant system measures aimed in economically rising capital utilization, on just that economic growth, which forms the cause of greenhouse gas emissions and the climate crisis.

The capital as the money that needs to be more money through goods production is the social and obologious consequences of his recycling movement against blind, it knows only one answer: more growth. This world’s first-oriented automatism of capital makes the great in ideology, which should allow it to capture despite manifest climate crisis at the social system, which just causes this crisis.

The okological wenden, already failed in the first start under red grun (in memoriam solarworld), should be overwound by greater growth, through new market, through more product production. The spat capitalist person who only has a hammer becomes a nail.

Spat-capitalist realitate

As is hopelessly this undertaking of an ecological capitalistic growth, the currently massively accelerated expansion of the electromobility is clear, which is bought with the burning of fossil energy carrier and the corresponding emissions of greenhouse gases – and whose apologists have liked to avoid any criticism of this undertaking.

If it may be purely hypothetically possible to make the energy-intensive production of an e-car from the raw material claim to the assembly climate-neutral, the factory allest of the real existing spat capitalism looks very different.

As one of the most important locations of battery cell production in europe, the kohleland poland acts, where one of europe’s largest battery factories was built – even just, given the energy hunger in the industry, because of the cheap energy prices. German manufacturers are also supplied by the cells producers. What does this mean for the okobilance of the second-gray european site of the okobranche?

According to the scientific service of the bundestag1, per kwh falls around 169 kilos of co2 to battery capacity in production in poland. This is more than in the us where there are average 112 kilos, and china, where 159 kilos of greenhouse gas per kwh are released.

But it is also easy to spat to puff in the atmosphere for decades of co2 in the atmosphere to build any, sometime, in a number of decades, a unique climate-neutral car industry. This train was driven off in the decades, in which the auto industry "their" politics brought to sabotage the necessary ecological transformation of society in order to maximize profits at short notice.