The terrorism

9/11 anniversaries are the opportunity to always stage the same rituals

To the annexes of the connection of the 11.9. Come regularly the warnings before new terrorist attacks. So far, they did not have themselves, no concrete stop planes were prevented.

Ten years is a special date, which is why security authorizations want to be particularly safe or use the anniversary to draw attention to the alleged threat and thus the need for security precautions with budgets, staff and legal macers. In the united states, where the 9/11-connecting coarse stated and the war against terror as the new global enemy first mobilized the whole nation, a general warning is ied. It could be a beating, then it was at least said and does not come as surprisingly as 10 years ago.

Supposedly there is evidence that, starting from al-qaeda boss sawahiri, followed by car bomb and that americans could be involved, but behind it seems to be more delighted as information. Nevertheless, new york was made to a high security zone to make it clear that there is still war.

Also in germany have been a few days before the 11.9. With coarse teosis two mutual islamist terrorists arrested, which should have contacts to the terrorist islamist scene and supposedly planned a stop. One should have been in a terror camp in afghanistan. They wanted to make the explosives allegedly with chemicals and kuhlpads. The materials they had bought over the internet.

Under observation, the manners were already a few time, their preparations, they should actually have planned the construction of a bomb, were by no means on the 11.9. 2011 aligned, they would not have to build these probably. Why the arrest was made to the symbolic date remains foggy, especially since obviously concrete stop planes are not known and the preparations were at the very beginning at the beginning. If you were still being awaited, the indictment of the prosecution would have been more concrete. This is how you get the impression of a symbolic action, which is then used by politicians to demand the introduction of data retention again. And lower saxony’s interior minister schunemann was quickly at hand to make what reasons to demand that the risk of terrorism also the bundeswehr will be used.

All this appears like the full plot to enforce political interests with the warning. Also the bka seems to be mitzmischen. The world reports on sunday, her lying one "confidential letter from the bka to federal ministries and security authorities" before. It is from 25. August and warning to work in germany. Danger are especially american goals. There is namely considerations, so thought games, at al-qaeda, "according to which, among other things, to the 10. Anniversary of the attentate of 11. September 2001 connection against american interests wunby". The bka ames that connecting on aircraft could be planned, but specifically, the notes are not, apart from the fact that there is the anniversary and mightily want al-qaeda the totung of bin laden. The "abstract danger" but should also one "intensified" equal.

Of course, the "single-time" cooked, of which federal interior minister friedrich had warned as a special risk because they were difficult to take up. In germany, the paradefall arid uka, who has carried out the so far only islamist terrorist attack on frankfurt airport in marz, when he shot two us soldiers. In fact, al-qaeda, at least the group of yemen, people who live in the western countries live in an open-source terrorism to motivate. Single dates were missed on the conventional monitoring measures because they were planning alone and did not have to travel.

One may hope that there will be no striking, so far, at least it has never worked if al-qaeda or other overhead should the intention of planning to plan on the anniversary connection, where security is expected to go up. The next one will take place there anyway, where islamists can eat as liberation cheaters thanks to western interventions: especially in afghanistan, iraq, in pakistan. With us, the missions have to be further justified, so that germany is also defended on hindukusch musse, which is why terror threats that somehow with al-qaeda, the taliban, afghanistan or islamism can be important for legitimation. And because security authorities do not want to have their budgets and their meaning would not be accused, not to have known, if something should happen, is speculated strongly and warned. Some politicians instrumentalize the fear and want to ensure absolute certainty, which, of course, serves economic interests of the rust and safety complex. And the mood terrorists are upgraded in this game.