Sex scamming

Sex scamming

Scammers use the money transfer among other western union. Photo: usia. License: cc by-sa 3.0

In a moroccan small town, an industry has developed, the arabs from the gulf states lures via facebook and skype in errrbergsflecken

In central marokko, there is a small town called oued zem, which, according to the bbc reporter reda el mawy, has established a new business so that the economy has succumbed to the economy there: skype-sex scamming, mainly on rich arabs the gulf state is aimed at.

In this "capital of the sextortion industry" view young manner preferred arab facebook accounts and sending calls to take them as friends – but not among their real identities, but with those invented young women. If a person ames such a friend request (because it believes, for example, it will be to be a forgotten acquaintance), follow only unprocessed messages like what the facebook profile owner is just about.

Appeal to vanity

If he asks where he knows him, it’s been, it was randomly seen his profile and found it on him. As a result, the potential victims flattered – especially when you look at the profile of the woman who is supposedly contacted, and seeing photos hubscher madchen. If your mind is surprised in this way of crease such as vanity, the scammer continues the text chats on facebook and skype.

In addition, they are interested in having interest in sex that they could not live open, but only on the internet. If a gentrubter is still not suspicious, but the communication continues, ask him if he can have a webcam and can turn it on. If this happens, the chats will continue to continue in writing, which the scammer greeted with parents or siblings he could otherwise arouse.

As a supposed intake of herself, the scammer webcam videos play masturbating sex workers who know them so in and memorize that they enter texts exactly if the women visible there make that too. Ask the victims whether you can see your penises. These can be used to masturbate the request to masturbate and set the webcam so that you can see both your penis and your face.

Facebook profiles give insight into financial situation

Are you so stupid to make it, shortly thereafter, you will receive facebook messages in which the truth is revealed: that you have taken you in masturbating and now wants to have money so that these shots are not published and relatives and facebook friends accessible. To emphasize that, a victim makes the proof recordings self-accessible. Through the facebook profiles, the taders usually know whether their victims are married or religious, where they work and how much money they could spare approximately. Then then set out your claims.

Western tints, who voluntarily unavailable their amateur porn on portals like youporn, can not be pressed with such masturbation recordings – arabs from the gulf states, where the sexual life rules the sexual life at the sharia oriented legal systems, on the other hand. But also arabs who have built up in europe and the usa are mostly right, if one threatens to confront their families with appropriate images. This enamed el mawy a man who leads a self-help group for sex scam victims in england and over the last four years over 14.000 auxiliary requests got.

A young man from oued zem said to the bbc reporter that he takes about $ 500 to $ 500 with his sex scam stitch and that there is still hundreds of other gifts in the village, which fished the business. Face of mass german luxury limousines, numerous even for western mabstabe and expensive restaurants and at least 50 buros for international money transfer in oued zem found el mawy quite believed.