Ride impression from the ford fiesta st200

Ride impression from the ford fiesta st200

Goodwood, gb, 24. June 2016 – with more power, chassis fine grinding and some optical delicacies in the special model st200 congratulates ford to the 40. Birthday of the fiesta series. The edition limited to 500 copies should be delivered even in short. 4000 euro surcharge worth a serial st?

Ford brings with 147 kw / 200 hp more from the 1.6-liter four-cylinder than the "normal" st – therefore the designation. Much more important: the maximum torque rises from 240 to 290 nm and for up to 20 seconds are even 15 hp and 30 nm in addition to the overboot. This increase is not only readable at the performance data – at the sprint from the stand to tempo 100, the st200 is 6.7 seconds two tenths faster than the st – but also quite lackable.

More thrust, coarse elasticity

When accelerating from low and medium speeds, the engine develops after the power more thrust. This saves you in the city and on the road so some gear changes. For this purpose, the overall replacement was tensified at the st200 with respect to more lively from 3.82 to 4.06. When the little kolner is in rolling, in the city traffic, the third of six goes almost always fits, on uberlandfahrten usually the fourth switching stage of the clean to switching to switching. Little relevant in everyday operation: the topspeed rises from 223 km / h to 230 km / h.

But neither the shift lap is still the highway ride over 200 km / h the core competence of the st200. It is tailored to the dedicated curve hat, both as well as the performance characteristics as well as with his stunned, but sufficient comfortable chassis. Well dosing, 278 millimeters rough front and 253 millimeters of rough slices on the rear axle with red brake slots serve at the st200 of the powerful delay.