Munchner security conference – day 1

Munchner Security Conference - Day 1

Federal president frank-walter steinmeier pointed to the "increasingly destructive dynamics in world politics" there. Image: securityconference.Org

"Westlessness": is the west in the crisis?

The heads of state and government of the world have become on friday in munchen to the 56. Security conference gathered.

Federal president frank-walter steinmeier criticized russia, china and the united states in his openness speech and warned against one "increasingly destructive dynamics in world politics". The world is a new nuclear wettrust: "more mistrust, more rusting, at the end less security, that’s the positive consequences."

Russia once again made the military violence and the violent shift of limits to the european continent. China only accept the volkerrecht law if it does not contribute its own interests, steinmeier said.

"Our closest bonded, the united states reject the idea of an international community under the opposite government itself", said steinmeier. "As if an attitude, everyone has been the next, already world policy." trump "great again" go at the expense of neighbors and partners. If everyone is looking for their own safety at the expense of others, we fell back into a time of the rusting spiral. The rezug on closely understood national interests is danger.

Aufeister heiko maas demanded germany and europe to take over a larger international safety role in view of the developing relations with the usa. "For too long, we have closed our eyes of our eyes before the unpleasant reality, which means a jerking of the us from the military commitment and international tolerates for us", said maas, the time of the omnipresent american world policeman go to the end of all visible.

The future of the middle east will no longer be decided in new york or geneva. Instead, landers like russia, turkey or iran, "which often reflect other values, interests and regulatory requirements", so maas.

"Do not go near huawei"

The americans represented by nancy pelosi and lindsey graham warned against cooperation with the chinese technology company huawei. Especially pelosi repeatedly emphasized that huweiweis the equipment of 5g networks beijing give the possibility of spying and sabotaging. "This is the home-hearted form of aggression when 5g is dominated by an autocratic government that does not divide our values."

"Do not go near huawei", said pelosi, "instead, we should internationalize and build something together in which it is about information freedom", added her. Despite all differences hours pelosi and trump for huawei on one side, said spater graham. The just afterwards, cia and bnd have dealt with the purchase of a locking company hundreds of lander.

Munchner Security Conference - Day 1

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Graham pointed critically against trump’s attitude to bring back the american army from crisis regions. Graham itself is interventionist. But it has become difficult to intervene because the american will no longer be misplaced, "what we can win in the middle east". "It’s hard to explain a war if it is not clear how a victory can look like."

For graham, the west was linked to the values of self-determination and the right-hand state. Therefore, he can not introduce himself to war between democracies. "The iranian people were a good federal partner for the world, but not the theocratic government". Iran is the cancer sponge in the middle east, so graham.


This-year-old meeting became the term "westlessness" upproced to be found on the wandering prasence of the west. The concept of "western", thus, the organizers seem to suggest the organizers around wolfgang isschinger without provocation, learns a loss of meaning that weighs not only heavily in the west, but all over the world.

No easy task, but just as important to question who the field will leave if the western values are not allowed to give up, but erode.

On the panel "west lessness in the west: what are we defending?" said osterreich’s kanzler sebastian short, the west konne konne’s values hardly believed in the world, when governments like the viktor orban, one "illiberal democracy", are represented in the eu.

In the other hand, the importance of economic success for the idea of democracy emphasized. "There will not be many people who want to copy our model if we can not show that democracy is generating wealth", so short. Only by the alternative systems, such as the china, will be offered, pardon. For a moment, however, to take an example of china. The land of konne build a hospital within ten days, while such a process in europe was taking several years.

Munchner Security Conference - Day 1

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On the panel to multilateralism india’s divincider subrahmanyam jaishankar said the west represented the old world order, but the time of "westfulness" be over. Margrethe vestager, eu vice-prize for digital, appealed to the strong multilateralism. The challenges of the world, climate crisis, tax avoidance, need common solutions. During the first phase of brexits, for example, the 27 states had held outstanding excellently. "We do not tolerate a splitter", so vestor.

Sudkoreas aufenkriting, kang kyung-wha, said that sudkorea also pays attention to the west. However, the country is also a member of the asean economic community. There a different model of multilateralism is placed on the day. The asean "nothing", that’s why the member states are not difficult to act solidarity.

On saturday, the appearances of the french state president emmanuel macron and the us foreign minister mike pompeo and his russian colleague sergei lavrov are expected.