Keyboard with giant trackpad for ipad pro

Keyboard with giant trackpad for ipad pro

The accessory breeder brydge specialized in keyboards and docking stations has introduced an all-in-one keyboard for the ipad pro with 12.9 inches coarse display, which contains the previously large integrated integration for the tablet. The periphery is compatible with all current ipad pro-12.9 models for generation 3.

Connection via bluetooth

The creation area of the brydge 12.9 max + should be opposite the process of brydge 12.9 pro + doubled – apple’s magic keyboard also has a smaller trackpad. The hardware is attached via a magnetic jerk part on the ipad, which simultaneously protects the display. Connected by bluetooth. With a battery charge, it should last three months. The keyboard is backlit with adjustable brightness; in addition, brydge is installed in contrast to apple a function keybar with media functions and a sleep / wake button.

New firmware for multitouch

Brydge had published a new firmware in the spring year, which should give the keyboards full trackpad functionality – so as with apple’s magic keyboard, which is connected to the smart connector with the ipad via the smart connector. This means that multouch gestures are possible for the first time. For a long time, one was drawn with the brydge system here.

Unfortunately roughly and hard

The brydge 12.9 max + is voluminous and hard. It is about 285 times 223 mm roughly and weighs rich 970 grams – without ipad, is understood. Accordingly, the tablet with the trackpad keyboard is not only functional to the laptop replacement, but also in terms of portability. Apple’s magic keyboard for the ipad with 12.9-inch screen weighs a good stucco with 710 grams. For this, the hardware in the brydge gerat seems to be better protected – it is made of plastic and aluminum. The brydge 12.9 max + will cost 270 euros and will come to the trade from june. It can already be pre-ordered and is silver in the ipad colors and "spacegrau" available.