Good vs. Better

Stuttgart, 17. May 2016 – my new bike is here, the ktm 690 duke r. Like my first duke back in 2012 i bought it because i happened to ride it, this time in gran canaria at the prasentation in winter. I didn’t know the previous duke r, and probably that was the problem: my light bike with more power and smart chassis! This was a revelation. In addition, the 2016 model comes with a tft display, which should be fine with me if it (unlike the speedometer before) remains tight, and an electronics package with schraglagenschatzeisen for traction control and the bosch msc (schraglagenabhangiger brake force distributor front. Also these things i have not missed before, because the duke by weight and ergonomics always remained well controllable on slippery ground. But the nuchtern considered small changes apart from the headlines make from the duke with r a completely different motorcycle.


Ktm, for example, is building a lower, narrower handlebar. The upturned handlebar ends on the standard duke never consciously bothered me until i sat on the r, where the handlebars fit like a glove. After that, the standard steering system did not work at all. That the standard brake has its weaknesses, we know, and they love themselves with the cheap mabnahme "other coatings" cheaply loose. Still, it’s a blast how the complete (master pump, hand lever, disc, caliper) one-shelf-high front brake system grips even on the new, not-yet-braked disc.

I haven’t weighed it yet, but it could be that what they said is true: that this bike has become even lighter despite euro 4 and sensor package. To maneuver this bike compared to all its competitors is a relief in the literal sense of the word. Then to ride this for a day on the little roads that stuttgart is surrounded by always shows me how hard others have it. Now the bike came naturally with 0 kilometers on the clock to me and is like the old duke meticulously broken in, so that they also on the highway at permanent 170 km. But as i said, i already know the engine, and secondly, even a single driver notices how much more usable torque comes from further down instead of raving at the chain with an axe, and that thanks to the second balancer shaft, you can suddenly see something in the rear view mirrors at country road speeds without having to hold them.

Geraffel in the box

As with the rc8 r ktm gives you the passenger gear right in a box, the r comes standard as a solo vehicle. Customers can, however, i believe also a two-passenger vehicle delivered, because even if i can not think of any reason to occupy a duke on longer routes with two people: there may be one. My concrete r worked before as a model; she stood around on fairs.