God’s own cybercountry

The communist kerala as it-dorado

India this informal conglomerate of differences, from the winston churchill (the ubigens mahatma gandhi as "half-naked fakir" designated) said it was just one "geographical expression and as little a country as the equator", amazed again and again through its relatively consistent and convincing economic-political morphogenesis. Kerala, selected in 1957 for the first communist indian state, takes a special position in this conglomerate once again.

God's Own Cybercountry

The government has achieved a lot of positives in kerala: kerala achieved a rapid reduction in mortality rate and improving living conditions – and without gross economic growth. Despite the most notifying economic growth, it has thus managed to reduce the income poverty faster than in other indian states, by focusing primarily on improved education and health care as well as equitable land distribution. It can be said that kerala has suffered until recently under marketable policy, a policy that distributed a state-steered market economy expansion. Recently, however, human capital is effained offensive for one of the market economy. Like amartya sen in "economics for humans" (contrary to neoliberalism with aristotle, it is important to visualize that the reduction in income poverty should not be the sole motive of poverty fighting, as the risk is that the concept of poverty will narrow to a low income. Although the per capita income of the african-americans in the united states is much lower than that of farming population, so they are much richer in terms of their income than people in kerala, also taking into account the different life-maintenance costs, is still the life expectancy of people in kerala high than that of the black americans, which associated with social institutions and social relationships. Kerala also has special successes in reducing birth rate, a circumstance that is certainly contalent with the high educational status of women. The striker female self-determination was in kerala u.A. Also ended by a high recognition of female property rights.

The indian left consists of the communist party of india / marxist (cpim), which is ruling in west bengal, kerala and the small northeast state tripura, the original communist party of india (cpi), the all-india forward block (aifb) and the revolutionary socialist party (rsp) together, apart from the splitter party communist party of india, marxist-leninist (cpi / ml). In the past ten years, a constant ridge of communist leftists can be stated in the last ten years, both voices – as seniority, although the economic-social basic structures could form a good climate for a progressive left. Ironically, the communists lose in the urban workers.

In the gross indian it race kerala is now working off his role as it superpower, which is mainly writing to the flag associated with the network. One step that is comprehensible from the tradition of a state that has been the first to manage in india to virtually completely abolish the illiteracy

In the next nine years, 60 million schools and students should "tech-savvy", if not become computer experts. A special unit used by the government should drive the it revolution and "god’s own country" in "god’s own cybercountry" transform. – hope for about 3.8 million unemployed?

The educational and education system requires decisive transformations at all levels. If we want to fulfill the demands of the information age, we have to rethink and prepare the upcoming generations to the future. Computers and the internet should be an integral part of the learning process", so the master plan of the government in the official kerala web portal

In politburo, however, there is still substantial doubt of marxist side, for example by sitaram yechury, uplowered in a speech to the congress it-kerala. To a cautious yes to the new – first-initially classified technologies, however, have almost all scans

Also nuclear scientist a.P.J. Kalam, kerala estimates as an ideal nutpin to breed computer professionals. The government has promised to put more than 6000 computers. A squad of it teachers should be formed, even getting schools in the country until 2010 a computer center, you believe education minister p. J. Joseph.

After all, kerala has already shown a telephone connection density today, which is twice as high as the national average. Several it parks and internet cafe already shot out of the ground, in which otherwise u.A. The pepper growth, it parks, which, for example, in cochin – promote that kerala is the most cost-effective it location in the world, a quarter as expensive as with similar industrial standards in the us and about half of them so costly as comparable locations like bangalore or chennai. Kochi, economic capital of the state becomes one of the three centers for the expansion of the highly balanced, glass fiber-based sea cable capacity of india, which should form the ruckgrat for global communication.

A three-headed it expert team from kerala also visited the this year cebit and came back with the surprised and pleasing news that their state in germany is considered bath paradise. And since then it can only be a small step to the surfing paradise, the cebit 2002 will be set up a german-speaking kerala-it website.