Design study lit legendaren boliding life

Design study lit legendaren boliding life

Montreal, 12. January 2012 – the history of the car maker de tomaso is enough for the year 1959. Strangeness gained the brand with sports cars such as the pantera built between 1971 and 1993 or the spectacular mangusta (1967 -1971). In 2006, the company went into bankruptcy. The industrial gian mario rossignolo with his iai group awakened the cult brand to new life.

Suv study on the new beginning

At the geneva car salon 2011 de tomaso showed the suv study deauville full of pride. Commercially considered that the right car was allowed to start the new beginning, lively luxurious all-wheeller with much performance sell well with the competition. But to revive the image of sports car blacksmiths, a bolide had to come from the format of the mangusta. A successful design study has now submitted the french student maxime de keiser.

Flat and edgy like the original

His design of a "mangusta legacy concept car" is clearly recognizable as a new edition of the original mangusta. The mid-motor sports enthusiast works as flat and edgy as the original. Three rough air inside and a killer grill with "mangusta"-lettering prague the front view. Like the shield mittens of a baseball player, the bonnet has moved far into the face of the de tomaso, from the headlights is just the lower half. Rough air intake in front of the rear faucets should supply air to the engine air. Compared to the narrow-cut side windows, the windscreen of the design study looks like a panoramic roof. An extendable rear spoiler ensures more output. Huge alloy wheels complete the sporty appearance of the mangusta new edition. Whether de tomaso is inspired by computer animation to build a true car, is currently completely open.