Combat between syrian and turkish units at ras al-ain

Combat between Syrian and Turkish units at Ras Al-Ain

Video of turkish jihadist milizles

The turkey’s jihadists’ militia continues to commit war crimes, the relationship of turkey to al-baghdadi is further dodgy

For the first time, it should have come to pot between syrian and turkish troops at ras al-ain on sunday. At least 6 syrian soldiers should have been killed, including a soldier to have been execute. While the sdf has deducted its units from the border region according to the turkish-russian agreement, but repeatedly came to fighting between the sdf and the turkish bandages, syrian troops are reflected in the direction of turkischer border to oppose the "turkish aggression and the soldner and protecting local population " to deliver.

According to the turkian ministry of defense, at "security operations" 18 syrian soldiers arrested after syrian units were tapped in dorfer up to 3 km near the turkish border. You clear the incident with the russian registry.

Combat between Syrian and Turkish units at Ras Al-Ain

From videos realizes that the jihadistic militias used by turkey as a soldermilizers caught the syrian soldiers. How there are jihadists like to film the handling of the prisoners – either for deterring or self-recalling. At the same time they make it clear that they do not sciss with human rights and war rights, which also burdened the turkish offensive. The prisoners were beaten and offended by the jihadistic militias, which uses turkey as ground forces. A video shows a still out of the head bleeding soldiers with a turkish jihadist who explains the obviously shortly previously toten: "the regime." on another video a prisoner is thrapped away and tracted with fuffets in the face.

Whether it is the prisoners, of which the turkish ministry of defense, remains unclear. That the turkey is just the jihadist camphor as soldner, which russia is allegedly excited with the assad government in idlib, does not seem to cause any problems in moscow. From russia, the procedure of turkish militias in afrin is not commented. Now when syrian and turkish units are increasingly advised in struggle, the role of moscow, where one attempts to get all parties to steer to direct the skills of syria in their own interest, more difficult. On washington now nobody familiaries, that could also threaten moscow at all the tacting.

Furthermore, the role of turkey is unclear, what al-bagdadi or the relationship with jihadists from is or hts. Turkey protects how the former syria officer of the us government brett mcgurk says the world-growing terroral slave idlib. Al-baghdadi, a few kilometers from the turkian border, should be stopped there, so practically under the eyes of the turken. In addition, american helicopters from iraq had to fly over hundreds of kilometers to the place of use, although the whole near the turkey american troops with airplanes of all kinds are stationed. Turkey was not inaugurated in the operation.

The hts, which controls idlib with tens of thousands of struggle, can also survive because of trade with turkey, the soldner, which uses turkey, are associated with the jihadistic terrorist groups such as hts or is. This is all the highest unappetizing, also the silence of russia and the west on the connections of the turkish government with the islamist groups.

Combat between Syrian and Turkish units at Ras Al-Ain

Despite the jerking of the sdf, also confirmed by the russian ministry of aufs, yesterday did not blow it from the turkish ministry of defense, one would never be one "terrorcridor" allow in the south and continue against the is and pkk / ypg. The turkish offensive was secured to the turkish border, the return of syrian escape strings, which, however, were mainly from other syrian areas, ensuring, and also secure the syrian territorial integrity. Cynical can hardly sell power policy.