Car from the 3d printer drive first test rounds

Car from the 3D printer drive first test rounds

Cost-friendly and fast production and weight savings, these three advantages of additive manufacturing in 3d printing wanted to show the british company scaled with your project chameleon. Half a year ago, you prefer to print a small, ready to drive car.

Now the little flitzer turned his first rounds on the company’s land. The open one-seater reminds of the smallest e-car of renault, the twizy.

Scaled, a ingenieurburo specializing in 3d printing in the coarse style, used a rafinex software for topology optimization by stochastics. This means that the system transmits multiple random variants so as to develop the optimum frame structures adapted to the respective loads.

Car from the 3D printer drive first test rounds

Through topology optimization, the frame was confirmed to the loads during driving and saving weight

As a printing material pa6 (polyamide) is used. Parts of the vehicle are also made of recycled plastic to improve the sustainability of the no-motor only 100kg electric cars (with drive 150kg).

So far only disadvantage of the fast-developed small car: it will probably never come to the market.