Bubgelden abroad can go to the thousands

Bubgelden abroad can go to the thousands

Munchen, 23. May 2012 – for a year, deutsche behords will be habited with bub money certificates from the european countries. That can really hurt, because lawn, dramming and too much alcohol is comparatively expensive in most countries.

Drive in norway only without a cant

In some countries, too unusual regulations apply. So only a few know that a roundabout in most countries have to be left at the next exit, if you drive on the right track. An easter rich speciality is: who holds ahead of a crossroads, automatically waives his eventual right of way. In sweden, a car may be parked for a maximum of five days at the same (public) spot. In the neighboring country norway, smoking is banned at the tax and in france the towing vehicles with private cars.

The evergreen alcohol at the wheel

At the topic of alcohol, there are a variety of different regulations. In france, an alcohol test apparatus must be available from july 2012 in each car. The book money is low with eleven euros, and it is enough for a simple shotterute with tube, which is already available for around a euro on gas stations. More than 0.5 per thousand cost in france 750 euros. High are the bubgelder at alcohol at the wheel in ireland (1270 euros), poland (up to € 1300) and great britain (up to 7350 euros). Danemark charges even up to a monthly income. In croatia, romania, slovakia, czech republic and hungary, the 0.0-per-thousand border. Norway, poland or sweden steps on from 0.2 per thousand.

Temposunds: in lithuania most attractive

At temperpoints, the inspectors in some swedish provinces are hard: who exceeds the limit about more than the tolerance of the measuring apparatus – and be it only one km / h – pays at least 280 euros. Even more expensive is norway with at least 400 euros. In spain cost 20 km / h too much between 90 and 300 euros, italy takes 150 euros. Much gunstiger is in greece (35 euros), poland (from 15 euros) and lithuania (10 euros). Romania’s police officers ask at 20 km / h too much with at least 70 euros to checkout, in hungary requires up to 240 euros. Respect should one have before scandinavian traffic lights: a red light violation costs between 140 euros (sweden) and 640 euros (norway). The baltic states and poland are tauty with 15 to 20 euros.

Yellow lines, mobile phone and more

In many countries a continuous yellow line means on curb holding ban. If she interrupted, there is parking ban. Special caution is advised in spain, where parking cancellation can cost up to 90 euros. And even greece is increasing with up to 65 euros. Corruptive parks in finland, which is approximately at german level at 10 to 40 euros. Auber in sweden is driving with the mobile phone in hand forbidden everywhere. In italy, a conversation can cost 150 euros. Also belgium (100 euro) and holland (150 euros) know high bubbles. Overhaul despite a ban costs between 90 euros in spain and 300 euros. Greece has pulled the consequence from many uplifts and even takes up to 355 euros.