British finance minister: “the end of the austerity policy is in sight”

British Finance Minister:'das ende der sparpolitik ist in sicht'

Philip hammond introduces the draft budget. Image: gov.Uk / open government license

Philip hammond presented the draft budget for 2019 with multi-spending and threatens his party colleagues with the consequences of one "no deal"-brexit

The british minister of finance philip hammond is one "remainer" – an opponent of the eu’s exit from the eu. He is a member of the conservative party. That does not make his job easier. Whatever he does, rough parts of his own parliamentary group and the party membership will always harm him – partly right – to use his office for a campaign to the growth of the brexit vote.

Last monday, hammond introduced the draft budget for the coming year in the british lower house. That was a unknown job, because here it was an unclear task. In marz 2019, the great britain will leave the eu in one way or another way. On which contractual basis that should happen and whether there will be an exit contract at all, is still completely in the stars. How should one plan so so a household?

Panic in front of corbyn

Add to that the panic of the british conservatives in front of the left opposition driver jeremy corbyn and his promise to break the neoliberal dogma prevailing on the island. Promise such as those, the railways and water supply again in a community of origin, enjoy a growing popularity in the population. According to some media reports, london’s live billares are already sitting on packed suitcases because they are more fear of corbyn than the brexit.

In order to prevent this, from the conservative point of view of the future vision to prevent, prime minister theresa may promised the birminghamer party party of the tories in september "end of the austrian policy", without explaining how to explain how this should go. This task is survived by your minister of finance.

Problems were thus preprogrammed – and then there was. Shortly before the presentation of the household draft budget hammond from the ministry of finance, that a departure of austerity is only possible if it is one "good" exit deal with the eu. The reaction of prime minister may dearly not long to wait: the end of the oysteratat was decided, no matter how it runs with eu exit.

At the end hammond used the language regulation in his home speech: "the end of the austerity policy is in sight." in sight, but not there. Oysteriment is the political focus theme in the great britain par excellence. The effects of the savings withdrawn since the banking crisis of 2008 are the cause of almost all political distortions on the island of recent years, be it the brexit, the unstated north ireland question or the strengthened scottish independence movement.

In a comment from 26. October referred the editor-in-chief of the under tories influential website "conservative home" on the fact that all british ministries were presented at the minister of finance in the weeks before the budgetary draft budget, in order to obtain an increase in their respective budgets. That too is a reflection of the jeremy corbyn represented by jeremy corbyn’s political and social printing in the uk.

In some way, hammond seems to have given this prere. So he promised an expiry of privatization possibilities via pfi projects, a so-called "digital service tax" for multinational coarse companies such as amazon, google and facebook, tax reliefs for people with annual salary up to 50.000 pounds and 20 billion pounds additionally for british healthcare in the course of the next five years. The ministry of defense gets 1.8 billion pounds additionally for rusting projects and also for northern ireland are made loosely.

This is not a departure from austerity policy. For example, the 20 billion euros for health care from inflation will be refeased and can not make up for the shorts of recent years. Also, the gifts distributed by hammond just directed to a conservative interesting electoral clientel. Map of which also benefit the lowest layers of the british population can hardly be found here.

We will do what we have to do"

What is this household draft? Is it a serious plan for a post-brexit coincidence? Or is it already a preparation for a coming campaign after a possible jerk of the prime minister in the coming weeks and months? If you believe the analysis of paul goodman then the answer is called "neither nor".

Goodman analyzes the draft household design as a kind of carrot, which hammond has held the entire conservative parliamentary faction in front of the nose. A carrot the, so goodman, is only distributed when the tories for a coming brexit deal negotiated by theresa may are true. In fact, hammond threatened in case of one "no deal"-situation with the creation of a new household draft, which then "very different" as the current look.

Goodman refers to an interview in this context, which hammond on the 15. January 2017 the online portal of the daily newspaper "the world" has given. Hammond says that greater britain understood as a country with a european social model, but this can be different, "if we are forced to be something else. Then we will be something very different." on the question of what that meant answered hammond: "if we do not get access to the european market and be locked out (…) we will change our economic model to get back to our competitiveness. We will do what we have to do."

Shame that hammond for the case of one "no deal"-scenarios a turn towards a radicalized neoliberal economic policy. Then it would also be with the gifts promised by hammond on monday to his party friends from the different ministries. Goodman’s theory is that hammond so liked the faction discipline in the coming months, also to prevent new elections. Whether this plan works is anything but safe under the current, very stormy conditions.