Adac: 2010 was a year of breakdowns

Adac: 2010 was a year of breakdowns

Munich, 1. February 2011 – adac was busier in 2010 than ever before. In total, the club’s approximately 1700 roadside assistance personnel and their road service partners were involved in 4.250.724 breakdowns. Compared to the previous year, this was an increase of 8.1 percent.

The highest number of operations on 4. January 2010

One reason for this, according to the automobile club, was the harsh winter at the beginning of last year. January 4. January 2010 was the busiest.798 breakdowns, was the day with the highest number of calls. But it was not only the icy cold that caused weak batteries and other technical defects. In the summer, too, the roadside assistance teams had to cope with extreme heat of over 35 degrees celsius. The changed travel behavior of vacationers – according to the adac, more and more vacationers are traveling by car – is another reason for the high number of breakdowns.

Battery as most frequent cause

Defective or flat batteries were the most frequent technical cause of breakdowns to which roadside assistance was called. Over 900.000 times the vehicle was jump-started. Other breakdowns were caused by ignition systems and tires, followed by starters and alternators. But not always when the adac was called, it was due to a defect in the car. Almost 100.000 motorists needed help because they had locked themselves out. Around 25.000 times they were able to continue their journey "fuel donation" fuel donation. In 186.000 cases, adac helped at the scene of the accident, secured the road or provided first aid.

Prepared for electric vehicles

The adac road patrol is prepared for the increasing number of electric vehicles on german roads, according to its own information. Thanks to a wide range of training courses, the "yellow angels" have been able to provide roadside assistance for all vehicles with high-voltage technology since the end of last year.