Tvos 15: log in services is less annoying

TVOS 15: Log in Services is less annoying

Apple will fix a control problem with the upcoming version of the apple tv operating system, the user has been planning for years: the externally storing input of passwords on the multimediabox. Currently you can either carry out this very slowly via the apple remote or use an iphone as a keyboard – alternatively, the use of a bluetooth keyboard is possible. Not planned is the use of touch id and face id on a coupled iphone.

Finally, log in

Exactly that should be implemented with tvos 15 now. Developers can be the so-called "sign in with apple device"-use function, for which the group has made an extension of its authentication services for the multimediabox. If it is implemented, when logging in appears "sign up with apple gerat"-logo. A iphone automatically receives a notification. Axely authenticated on the device by means of a fingerprint (touch id) or face scan (face id) – the necessary password comes from the keybound (for example, it must be deposited on the iphone before).

According to apple, the new login possibility is also available for ipads with face id or touch id. Unfortunately, there is no automatism – developers must explicitly tang "sign in with apple device" to support in your tvos programs. Apple describes the exact procedure in a video, which was published to the developer conference wwdc in the beginning of the month.

Tv + no longer long free

Another apple tv news concerns the consolidated streaming service, apple tv+. In the us, users report that the company has begun to reduce the gratitude. According to information on apple’s website, it will be from the 1. July only give a trial phase of three months; previously, the group had a year and more.

It is therefore to be expected that this maaking is also implemented in europe – tv + should finally make money. The service costs comparatively moderate 5 euros a month, but offers almost only apple own productions and no age series and films.