The oscar of the hobby filmmaker

The camgaroo award is intended to improve the quality of home videos

A video camera now have many home. More than the first steps of the baby or the beach of mallorca with waves behind it do not create many on tape before leaving the desire for the new toy. Some however, however, the hobby film becomes half a professional – and can win prizes.

Gabriele lechner actually leads a publisher and an advertising agency. But as well as creative people from the reader to the writer or television to the web designer or blogger, because they also actively contribute and not only want to consume passively, it happened to it with all these things: as a creative person you could not only eat the consume what else to develop, but develop something yourself. And that can, of course, be one of the coarse media, like movie, radio or television.

The oscar of the hobby filmmaker

Real banker shoe from "soko 2010" ..

Podcasts spread themselves as "radio of the little man" yes more and more (shorthorpiel 2.0) and there are also video podcasts, but often not much more interesting than the tagess – also a telegen face that brings at least an interesting facial expressions, does not actually make things more interesting than an audio dodcast, even if from time to time comic object to be kept to the camera.

The viewer is rather unnerved because he now has to stare on a picture and can not listen as the audiopodcast on the road with closed eyes in the subway. Even who tries to professionally operate internet television with news content, often delivers boring to embarrassing machines – real city tv channels are rarely better…

The oscar of the hobby filmmaker

… "Auber pet food!!!"

In addition to those who want to present themselves or an interviewed, there is also the "germany’s funny home video"-group, which holds for hours with the camcorder on the hedge-cut neighbors and your chance to fame – but the blode dog just does not fall from the ladder!!! And just those who instead of the earlier slidende now tract their relationship with blossomed shots of grandma on sylt, sometimes inadvertently something for "germany’s funny home video" produce and then send it to send spab or modern you tube. And even if there are some funny things in the latter, most of them are only excerpts from television or with their own grimasses adjacent hits (internet video boom in germany?!), which now leads to ongoing problems with film and disk industries as well as collecting societies.

Something really own, presentable to do is without planning and support but not so easy. Of course, there is a succinct literature on film recordings and scripts, but this seemed to gabriele lechner still as too welcome. Therefore, she called a magazine on the subject and then its own video price of the amateur film into life as well as a mascot, the camgaroo, a fabric kanguroy – real animals in front of the camera do not stick to script and then are a case again "you tube".

The oscar of the hobby filmmaker

Award ceremony for school groups at camgaroo award 2006

The prices of a total of 20.000 euro are sponsored by the industry, but thus the whole thing is not a commercial event, but as aware of the creativity and the fair competition of the various participants calls against each other, the price in age groups will be awarded separately: up to 19 years, 20 to 29 years, 30 to 39 years, 40 to 49 years, from 50 years, as well as a special prize for school projects.

The results of the year 2006 were considered unexpectedly considerably and significantly over hobbyy level, even with the school projects, where the teachers were not always able to assist the teachers professionally. The winner of school projects,"soko 2010" in doing so, satirical thoughts on the consistent continuing of the schleich advertising and the product placements in german television: in this criminal series from 2010, the film was regularly stopped in order to offer quite unflunted the products used in it, with all the good harassment and tricks the homeshopping channels: during the viewers allowed himself, some real televisionman was allowed to stuck laughing in the throat.

"Expert: banal scandals quite roughly" by simon breuer and johannes huth (no, not peter huth!!) also takes on television on the grain, but this time boulevard scandal "news" shipments in the style of "file 06", "brisant" and "explosive". Originally a private format, also publicly legal channels that provide yes higher journalistic eligibility, now these cycling. And there also had the sad moritate of the marco m. Fitted in, which is now a stiffener as a result of a failed record experiment, in order to enable him so many neo-nazi ..

The oscar of the hobby filmmaker

Other life – karl-heinz must continue ..

Carturical films are much easier with computer understatement and stop motion technology today as a fruhe at walt disney with whole factory halls full of draftsmen. An example is "an adventure in the city" from boris jakob as a modern version of the calculation "the country mouse and the city mouse". Another very thwarted trickfilm is in stop motion technology "bernd his life" by stephan muller and ingo schiller.

Also, several social-critical films on the concertained or homeless goods were there a future vision on the life of second hand called "two different kinds of light" by bernhard hartmann and the satire "karl-heinz meets lifestyle" by kai-florian area, in which the protagonist scolded in the car and rack up the chestimickis, in particular his wife, and his final destiny opposite.

The oscar of the hobby filmmaker

Lord howe island – island at the other end of the world

In order to demand the new hdv format, which is recorded similarly to hdtv with up to 1440 x 720 pixels (instead of 720 x 576 pixels at pal), but in contrast to hdtv has no copy protection problems, because the hobby film is the oh so pirated, high-ranking material yes personally owns and thus also has the rights to copy, there is still a special hdv award, where instead of the pop-dynamic short films typically returned travel documentation, which is quite professional qualitative from discovery channel co. Reach: from the winning movie "lord howe island" (the juvenity of the rocket worms) of peter schurte had been seen more than five minutes, the time limit applicable here, in order not to be distributed the event.

Anyone who likes to make video recordings anyway and make up to make a movie properly with script under a certain motto, it can try it next year. As always in competitions, however, one has to be aware that the exploitation rights with his submission and the only pay can be waving the price gain. In this way, however, it is also ensured that unsuspected professionals are indispensable – an excavation that participants have already seen.