The bmw 2 series van

The bmw 2 series van

Munchen, 16. December 2013 – even with various serious studies, bmw has prepared us on the design of a compact van. Now the almost finished production model was abnormally caught. There are some interesting details price.

New front cross architecture

An interesting aspect is the type designation at the rear: 225i stands there. This will be the "active tourer", how bmw calls the van, the 2 series hit. On the other hand, this was indicated that the circled vehicle has the charged petrol engine with two liters of displacement and 218 hp under the hood. If that is the case, the unit was installed transversely and combined with front drive. In any case, the modular units with 0.5 liter displacement per cylinder are set in each case, which will soon debute in the new mini. This means a three-cylinder gasoline engine with 136 hp from 1.5 liters and a two-liter four-cylinder with 192 hp. The entry diesel makes 115 hp.

In the style of the mercedes b-class

Visually, the bmw 2er active tourer reminds something about the mercedes b-class. In fact, they are similar in the quantities: the bmw is short of 4.35 meters only one inches than the mercedes, which is high at both 1.56 meters. For the first time, the 2er active tourer is presented at the geneva motor show in march 2014, on the market, he comes in september of the year.