Paris, 2. October 2014 – a study with 910 hp, which is not supposed to be a supercar: modestiness is actually none of the prudding virtues of the automakers, certainly not at a trade fair. Lamborghini with this contradiction, of course, also in mind. The asterion lpi 910-4 is intended to relieve the apparent contrast between driving pleasure in the form of tremendous performance and enough consumption. As a fig leaf, a hybrid drive also serves here, which is currently completely attached to an oko label in many places.

V10 from the huracan

The plug-in hybrid drive of the asterion combines a 5.2 liter v10 with three electric motors. The v10 suction motor is known from the huracan. He performs 449 kw (610 hp) and offers a maximum torque of 560 nm. As with the other sports cars of the brand, it is installed as a long mid engine. Behind it sits a seven-speed double clutch transmission. In the central tunnel, where usually the gearbox is working, the lithium-ion battery is positioned. Two electric motors drive the front wheels. The third is an integrated starter generator (isg) installed between gearbox and motor. He can supply the two e-motors on the front axle with electricity, so that a four-wheel drive is independently possible from the loading level of the battery.

In the combination of the v10 and the three electric motors, which contribute a maximum of 220 kw (300 hp), there is a system performance of 669 kw (910 hp). This should take the acceleration to 100 km / h at least 3 seconds. The highest speed is reached at 320 km / h, in purely electrical mode 175 km / h should be possible.

Without charge: over twelve liters

Information about type or capacity betrayed lamborghini unfortunately not yet. Purely electrically should be up to 50 km possible. Consumption in the nefz is given with 4.12 liters. If you change the ece standard r 101, you can determine the consumption without charging on the socket from these two information: 12.36 liters it would be here – in the nefz, mind you.

After all, lamborghini betrayed so much that the complete hybrid technology should weigh only 250 kilograms. On the steering wheel three plugs are attached, with which the driver can election the mode: zero for the purely electric drive, i for "ibrido" (hybrid) and t for "termico", ie the removable use of the internal combustion engine.