Saab clears up payment problems

The management of the ailing carmaker saab has for the first time admitted payment difficulties, but denies the possibility of bankruptcy. "We had a slight morning chill", saab’s dutch owner victor muller said monday at the launch of new models in nacka, near stockholm, about temporary production stoppages last week. Suppliers had suspended cooperation due to failure to make payments.

Muller went on to say: "saab is by no means on the verge of collapse. A year from now we will be presenting our models just as we are now." the dutch owner had taken over the company, which had been operating at a loss for almost 20 years, from the us company general motors last year.

Before that, muller himself had only made losses with the very small dutch sports car manufacturer spyker cars. The original target of 80,000 cars sold this year is now considered unrealistic by.000 cars sold is now considered unrealistic even by saab itself. Last year, the company sold only 32,000.000 cars sold.

The question of whether russian financier vladimir antonov will receive the green light from sweden’s government for his planned capital injection of 50 million euros into saab is regarded as decisive for the company’s survival. However, his entry as an owner had been excluded by gm in its contract with muller because antonov is considered by the u.S. Intelligence agency cia to belong to mafia circles.