Report: plane for a fifth series at porsche

The volkswagen-supervisory board and porsche-moreicher ferdinand piech has a newspaper report, according to a rough tarpaulin for the soon tenth brand of the volkswagen group. The stuttgart sports car builder is said to receive a fun series, reports that handelsblatt (friday) from group circles. It goes about a railing wagon below the cayenne. The company had already announced that sales in the medium term at 150.000 vehicles double. For this further series are necessary.

Porsche has grown in recent years mainly by broadening the product range. In addition to the classic 911, the sports car builders now has the middle motors series boxster / cayman, the railing carriage cayenne developed with vw, and since past autumn the fourth panamera in the program. The ingolstadter vw subsidiary audi already offers a small railway wagon with the q5.

A borsian said in a first reaction to the report, the tarpaulin for a fun series could provide the porsche course, especially since the sports car manufacturer was always very successful with its new imports last always very successful.

In addition, the handelsblatt fruhere media reports on a wiring change at the porsche tip. According to the speculation, the previous boss of the sports car business, michael makes, changed as a production board to the corporate headquarters to wolfsburg. Matthias muller, previous vw chief strategist and familiar by vw boss martin winterkorn, should take the leadership of porsche. Muller had already worked with winterkorn at audi. From vw circles, the newspaper reports, piech had been dissatisfied with the footstyle of power. After the forced departure of wendelin wiedeking a strong leadership is missing, strolled it out of the porsche environment.

As a strategic and technical flagship project, after piech’s desire, the development of geneva as a study hybrid sports car 918 spyder will be pushed forward, writes the newspaper. According to industry circles, the expected a good half million euros expensive supercars in a new manufactory on the porsche headquarters should be manufactured by hand. This project is part of the negotiation package for the location backup, which is currently being negotiated between the works council and management, reports the leaf with the appeal to a negotiating paper.