Mexico: personnel union of municipal policy and organized criminality

Burgermeistersgattin von iguala guerreros-unidos gang from town hall

Jose luis abarca, the mayor of mexican 130.000-inhabitant city iguala is currently a little harder accessible than other municipal politicians who need to expect unpleasant press inquiries: he has recently been on the run. Occasion of dafur was obviously the discovery of the attorney general jesús murillo, that abarcas also escaped wife maria de los angeles pineda villa, which comes from a drug handy dynasty, which led to the beltran-leyva-kartell guerreros-unidos criminal gang from the town hall from the town hall.

Among other things, this was that for personnel ies at the stadtische police was a working group of guerreros unidos – and provided that the (meanwhile disarmed and partially detained) municipal safety faith could be used as an armed and at the same time legal arm of the criminal bands.

This did not work well for a long time – to demonstrate it: as students of the teacher seminar raúl isidro burgos rural in ayotzinapa, during a speech of the burgermaster’s gattin and chairman of the military family and child protection association against the gunstingswirtschaft wanted to demonstrate the cessation of teachers, the urban police stopped on 26. September (allegedly on a direct arrangement of the burger master) several buses and shot six students. 43 more have disappeared since then.

What happened to the disappears is not clarified: statements of the guerreros unidos-functionals sitronio casarrubias salgado, which was passed by the mexican federal police, indicate that they were arrested by the city police and handed over the illegal arm of the gang, which may therefore all out of the way room, because salgado held the students mistakenly for members of the rival crude bands los rojos. Their bodies are not survived in any case, although their disappearance and the public protests allowed the structure of the municipal political "machine" in iguala to the light of the openness came.

Mexico: Personnel Union of Municipal Policy and Organized Criminality

Iguala from above. Photo: nick ramirez brito. License: public domain.

As arrested gang members, the investigators of the federal police leaded to ten illegal graves with the bodies of 28 people, mexican media already believed that the corpers of the students were found: by comparing the dns of the dead with those of relatives of the students, however, turned out that it had to be other crime sacrifices.

More clarity in the case must have been brought to files and electronic data, which stored in the city hall of iguala. But that went in flames yesterday. Whether the arsonists who were apparent to the seem of a muted mob, commissioned usual idiots or the beltran-leyva cartel is not clear yet.