Lugenpresse covers: penguins also hate opera!

Youtube and co. – our weekly telepolis video check

What can be finned, sweden has long been. And so we start with a swedish computer blasting into the pentecost weekend. Whether more videos with real "swedish dynamite" we will follow, we will be closely. In any case, the beginning is made and the resonance roughly. On the (which for a great transfer!) hopes the cdu bundestag member and lawyer detlef seif, who has read the world-famous schmah poem in parliament, because it allegedly hardly knows. Jan bohmermann himself calls this process, however, however, became and tasteless. "I do not know what i think as a wahler worse: when a mdb crystal meth takes or tell the shame poem in parliament!" and where the young man is right, he is right. More about sueddeutsche.De. And thus finish with funny.

Lugenpresse covers: Penguins also hate operas!

Involuntarily, the schlager producent and hobby-ancestain researcher marco delgardo, who,, instead of focusing on his core business, is still cited in his likes to be cited by lugenpresse victims blog for turkish or arabian ancestors of the grafinger knife stecher paul h. Research. His intermediate result: "the tatter was with high probability muslim! In the police rehearsal he should definitely have claimed to be converted to islam! However, the press office of the lka did not want to confirm this on my request today." i did not like lka as lka … And also the afd hamburg fights with the truth: on facebook natural. And this cramp is documented here. America has it much better: from budweiser there is america. And as an alternative still remains the escape to canada. In short: do not try this shit at home!

Lugenpresse covers: Penguins also hate operas!

Other topic: penguins. That these proud waders hate operas, we have always guessed. Now it is proved – with this video. And we still have two animals: a moose that loses the balance. And a very loyal dog. Nice! This makes us with our readerspost. This week: magnets and marbles, cycling, tuna vs. Mowe, glitches, pixar short film boundin and alarm clock.

Finally our quick run: simon’s cat, seehofer’s model railway, 22 vs. 11, safe landing, toys, bose advertising, trump of the east, drohnen-lagging, dagis fragerunde, dental care for home, hairy breakdown, cute game, anchor breaker, rubber barrier, housing brand, turntable, graffiti simulator. And the final point sets bohmermann’s ingenious veraucake.