Lancia: special models on the paris motor show

Lancia: special models on the paris motor show

Frankfurt, 17. September 2010 – for the second time fiat and chrysler meet together at an automaker. After the italians in january at the automesse in detroit had exhibited a lancia delta with chrysler coat of arms, one stops on the paris motor show (2. To 17. October) with news rather back.

Matt special model

The second export shown is the "platino" with 1.6-liter multijet diesel engine and 120 hp. It is erupted with an automated selectronic gearbox. The vehicle is in weib with black roof and an interior design in beige pellet alcantara leather at the fair. Also new is the special model "hard black" of the delta. He drives up with a new, 140 hp 1.4-liter gasoline and multiir technology as well as serial start-stop system. The engine is based on the 1.4-liter four-cylinder, which is already used in various corporate models. Optically, the matt black paints painted body. The paint should mean an additional production work effort of more than four hours per vehicle. Matte paintings could be a trend of the coming years, because also mercedes tests in the new cls with a matt lacquered special model the customer acceptance.

Now also with lpg

Of the models of ypsilon and musa there are new variants for bivalent operation with gasoline and autogas. This is clearly popular in italy than in this country. The ypsilon elle should be characterized by high-quality materials in the interior and paintworks in timeless colors. Similar promises for the special model "5th avenue" of the lancia musa: he has a two-tone paint in white with black roof, seats and parts of the dashboard are covered with ivory-colored "poltrona woman" leather. In addition, an ypsilon elle extends with a new 1.2-liter gasoline engine and 69 hp the exhibition program.