Kunstradio celebrates jubilaum

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Recycling the future: on air on line on site, 4.- 7. December, radiokulturhaus vienna

"Recycling the future", the festival at the ten-year-old jubilee of the broadcast "kunstradio radiocunt" from orf, o1 in austria, true to the concern of the program, once again a successful combination of (acoustic) art with new and old technologies. For 10 years, with this weekly program, the radio itself becomes the experimental medium and not blob to the playback station of preserves. An international awareness thrust experienced kunstradio, when it was created as one of the first stations worldwide webcasting for the growing and enrichment of its radio broadcasts created creatively. This hybrid media mixture, which appears in the actually stick-conservative and increasingly commercial easter-rich radio as an exotic gem, goes to the account of a woman, heidi grundmann. As a grand lady of the easter-rich media art scene, she considers it again and again to establish international creative partnerships for the realization of media experiments, and to open space in the mass media and to set funds in motion.

Recycling the future: on air on line on site

Thing.At / orfkunstradio

The concept for the jubilee event recycling the future can also be described as a hybrid media event, the real space, realaudio and radio and weavy room association. It was an insight into the production practice of interdisciplinary developments, audio projects and working methods of artists in dealing with applied technology.

The event was created as a collaboration of the art radio radiocity program and the aec, ars electronica center linz. It appears as a new stage of cooperation between aec and orf, the easter ephotic broadcasting. Both institutions are in close connection anyway and have shared structures. The exchange of know-how and the reciprocal close-in agreement will now be clear.

From 4.- 7. December found in the former funkhaus in vienna, which is now called radio kulturhaus, the jubilaumseevent for the 10th-year existence of the weekly program kunstradio in the easter richer radio on the culture station o1. This program is not only a radiographic design. The program started and carried by heidi grundmann served the last ten years as a platform transnational and transdisciplinary acoustic media experiments.

Kunstradio radiocunted media

"Kunstradio" was the first autonomous space for experimental acoustic signals in the monopolistic round female landscape austria, where until 1997, only the state radio with its 4 radio programs. The weekly broadcast is and was an exception in broadcasting and not only has local significance.

In 1987, heidi grundmann put through the innovative idea to report not only on art on the radio for the first time, but artists used the broadcasting time directly, the medium itself was defined by artists as a preservation. Conceptual openness was also reflected on the years in intensive contacts for the international media art scene or to the pirate radio scene in vienna between 1990-92.

At the "recycling" symposion now met the art bathroom family. Guests from germany, canada, italy, russia, netherlands and australia have at kunstradio on air tradition and were participants in the event. The canadian media artist and communication pioneer robert adrian x, who came from the beginning, took the program, also brought the program online. The webpage was the first of the orf and long before o1 and the entire orf on the web.

Long-term colleagues and art tradiocontributors like g.X. Juppiter larson from san francisco or sergio messina from milan were naturally involved in recycling. And not to forget the earlier kundradiokunstler grurried stocker, which is today artist director of the ars electronica festivals linz and the ars electronica center.

The personal contact and the common history of the recycling participants became clear especially in the online part of the event. In the technical and servers of the artsadio, aec future lab boys rumbled girls and worked with bob adrian to the updates of the live realaudio streams of the lecture of the symposium.

In the final discussion on the event was ultimately mentioned that all these activities could be realized, thanks to the personal commitment and vision of a woman. Nobody knows what to do after the ara grundmann in the field of art road and what will now remain in view of the privatization of the media landscape in the radioland austria at all. So far, no successor for heidi grundmann, the grand lady of the media arts scene austria found,.

On air on line symposium

Kunstradio celebrates jubilaum

marie-louise angerer

During three days, a conference to radiokunst, the rediscovery of a medium, found in the radio house and on the web "art of noise" and with the title "when technology reshapes the subject" to reform the identity and the self-technological context instead.

One "chief manager" the art bathroom family at the symposium is certainly the early employee marie-louise angerer. She now teaches media theory and publishes in the field of new and old media and feminist theory. She spoke at the symposium on the association and conditions of the cyborg metaphore used by donna haraway and the dreams and ideas.

Marie-louise angerer’s feminist reading of this topic in relation to the considerations for the digital dataset and the image of the cyborg as a metaphor for technological corporary changes and identity construction gave reason for discussion.

Angerer discussed the new media with regard to the total convergence of all media and communication regulations. In parallel, there is the mixing of nature and machine world in biotechnologies that culminates in the image of the cyborg. Interestingly, this term arose, as anger exports, in the environment of the first space programs. The cyborg can serve as metaphor hybrid identities and in the organization of a variety of sexes and truths as well as the understanding of a decentered subject in network culture be helpful. The cyborg can either be a eskapisit fantasy or as a tailorization of postal structuralist philosophical "discoration ideas" be seen.

Kunstradio celebrates jubilaum

Friedrich kittler

Angerer was accused of german media theorist friedrich kittler that they preach cyborg mythologies and escapism in electronically digital worlds. But kittler was allowed to be equated or even confused method and content. Angerer used the image of cyborg, but quite critical as a mental model to explain gender roles and social relations in electronic culture. Angerer’s metaphor of haraway’s cyborg’s metaphor also relates to the psychological dimension of the ego, by referring to spinoza.

To the subject "cyberfeminism" angerer actually only means that old rhetorics are applied without adding new contextuality of social and technological conditions of the woman as inbetween-beesen.

On site performance

Some acoustic training on site for transferring on the radio and in real audio framed the program of the festival.

Helene thorington could not completely convince with its vrml performance adrift of the real-time network quality of this 3d network standards. Overall, a strange heavyweight appeared on early video gasthetics in red grun, blue. The projection surface was cleaved between an irc, internet relayat text box and a vrml window. The break to the irc communication text on the second half of the performance screen may also have technical reasons. Text is simply not fast enough due to the polygon representation in vrml applications. But also the irl (in real life) performing saxophone players did not work directly "connected".

Lobner / sherman

In contrast, the performance blanking of bernhard lobler on the sound computer and tom sherman.Simply succeeded on the micro as an acoustic experience.