France favors anti-terror law

Both chambers of parliament adopted yesterday in express proceedings the controversial design of the minister of interior nicolas sarkozy

Against the votes of the opposition, the controversial anti-terror law was accepted in the paris parliament. The law was adopted by sarkozy’s burgical ump and the liberal udf. While the socialists contained, they voted in the senate with the communists and the grunen. The socialist senators announced to pull before the trail court because various penetration has been broken.

Sahozy in the debate looked very different, the freedom and burger rights were not allocated. He referred to the success of video monitoring in the termination of the connection in july to justify the massive expansion of monitoring. However, the following could not be prevented ("british born bombers"to).

As planned, therefore, the video monitoring of the public space should also be massively expanded in france, whose recordings can see the police without any judicial control on a simple application (full monitoring in france). On the arrangement of a police chief can now be installed everywhere without judicial arrangement cameras, if "concrete" exists. This is the same for the metro, for railway farms, nuclear power plants, industrial areas, shopping malls and cult states, which also meant mosques.

The police may now adhere to suspicious six days to a bustle without having to drive them a magistrate. So far, it was a maximum of four days. Travelers in lander in which training camps should be of international terrorist networks, are monitored. The providers of flight, rail and sea voyage must give the prevailable data on their passengers without judicial control to the police. Overall, there should be more controls in traffic.

Sharpers are also controlled the internet and the phones. Internet cafes have to keep all connection data over a year. The data is the investigators without judicial control as well as the connection data of telephones.

The macers are also criticized by the national privacy worker cnil. General concerns about the law also have legal associations and burger rights organizations (security about everything). With the law, "terrorism and immigration" as well as "terrorism and youth" were mixed. Although sarkozy had to recover, but at the beginning of the riots in november in france, he had repeatedly been responsible for islamists in november (explaining the state of exception in response to the riots).

Convicted because of terrorism and their supports must now expect higher prison sentences. Hintermanns should land up to 30 years behind bars. For support, the punishment will be doubled to 20 years. It is supposed to be deprived of the french nationality for 15 years if they were convicted of terrorism. For six months, for six months long, can also be frozen the accounts of terrorism supposed to be frozen.