Fine work

Fine work

Wolfsburg, 15. April 2014 – us europe, especially the hatchback-loving germans, surprise it again and again: the golf with a stepheck is one of the most successful sedans worldwide and became the best-selling vw last year. Since 1979, around 14 million copies have been sold, of which in 2003 alone was 925.000 stucco. That the overworked new edition now on the new york auto show (18. To 27. April 2014) is present, is consistent, because in the us, the limousine has been number one in the vw program for decades. Volkswagen gives certainly gross hopes to the favorite model of the americans in the us in the united states in the usa. In the fall of 2014, the fourth energy then comes to us with european specifications.

Fine work for the standard consumption

On the new layout, it is down that many details of the aerodynamic fine work are owed. You can be seen in directly related to the easily improved consumption data for already known motorizations. New shaped were the stobbars, the fog lights and the barbecue with three cross struts. The hybrid model can be seen in its partially closed cooler grill, the other versions driving with active kuhlerlamellen. On request, the plant assembles bi-xenon headlights with curve, turning and daytime running lights. The latter is formed by 15 leds arranged in a chain around the main headlight. Coffee rum lid, jerk lights and the stobbar were redesigned so that the sedan is now broader. The hybrid rises in this view by a residual level of rear tail. In order to let the air still resistant to the jetta streams, changes in the hidden. Various air inside and the water caps on the a-saule were aerodynamically improved and the underbody is covered in the area of the rear axle.

New diesel motorization

Net new is a two-liter tdi with the additional name "clean diesel" and 150 hp. It can be combined with a six-speed manual transmission or a six-speed dsg. Compared to the ten horsepower, he should consume even less. He achieves the us-up exhaust standard lev iii, just like the euro 6. Reduction of nitrogen oxides (nox) accomplishes a scr catalyst (selective catalytic reduction) in conjunction with urea collection, the additive is called "adblue". In the us, three gasoline engines are offered with 115, 170 and 210 hp, for all, lowers are now specified as the transaction. The hybrid model remains with the system performance of 170 hp.

Following the general trend, the new jetta will be hinted with other assistance systems. In addition, a dead angle warner, a collision warning for the front and a jerky warning system furs parking from a cross-relief. This system can hit even approaching objects in up to 40 meters removal places and acoustically alarm if a group threatens. If the driver does not react, the jetta brings self-stylus.

The cockpit of the level vw are to enhance new instruments in tube optics, on request a colored multifunction display, there are retouches on the incidental interior. Which engines are planned in germany and what the jetta costs with us has not been revealed. Currently the entry-level model 1 is.2 tsi with 105 hp from 21.To have 725 euros, the hybrid is at least 31.700 euros expensive.