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Munchen, 29. August 2013 – tests of workshop services are often portrayed very placant, including the latest examination of the adac. Treated under the magnifying glass, a total of 72 workshops, including chains and free repair operations. The verdict of the club is downright. Although such a sample always represents only a snapshot, but some companies have qualitatively obediced both in the field of work performance as well as the service.

Each mistake equals equal

Workshops were tested in the three groams of hamburg, frankfurt and munchen. As candidates served audi a3, renault megane and vw golf v. They were propared with a total of five defects: the headlights were adjusted, the cable for the abs sensor in the wheel arch, a defective glow lamp used in the license plate lighting and the coolant level lowered under the estimated value. Depending on what was present, the spare wheel was provided with too low air prere or the breakpoint set or removed. An expired. Of course, as with such tests, this is often arguing whether each of these errors, as happened here, should be equal. The abs does not fail immediately when a cable is from its guided. For each found error, the adac is awarded two points, a perfect working workshop can achieve 60 points here.

The defect were not involved, but had to be found by each workshop, which processes the prescribed inspection list of the manufacturer. Of course, it is not completely by hand to have that straight routine leads to a sustainability at low errors. This also refers to the central association of german car trade (zdk), which in a first reaction is not entirely wrong, that "test vehicles with really capital lack of brakes, steering" had cut better. Nevertheless, the result "unsatisfactory and not to be expected in this form", such a spokesman of the zdk.

Rare direct acceptance

Even with the correct determination of what needs to be done, many workshops fail. They could make it easier to look through each car along with the customer prior to order signing. However, such a direct acceptance is still not standard. Thus, the companies unnotically complicate the work and probably also miss additional revenue. Because a customer is much easier to convince from many of a repair if the need for him can be shown directly at your own car. This is one of the reason why the adac weights the direct acceptance in his test so high. If she is not performed, missing in the area of service, in which a maximum of 40 points are to be fetched, already twelve. In the overall result, a workshop can achieve so no "very good" more, even if you otherwise work absolutely error-free.