Emissions scandal: investigations against daimler

Following the volkswagen group emissions scandal, daimler is now also facing scrutiny from u.S. Authorities. The u.S. Department of justice has asked the swabians to take an internal look at how the official emissions figures were arrived at in the united states, with the involvement of u.S. Regulators, daimler ag announced friday night in a mandatory release to the financial community.

The ruling follows class action lawsuits by u.S. Car owners accusing the manufacturer of illegally overstating emissions levels. Daimler has so far always firmly denied the allegations. Now the company has conceded that it will be able to make an offer as early as the 15. April 2016, citing strict confidentiality, to have been ordered by u.S. Justice to review the certification and approval process related to exhaust emissions in the u.S. Through an internal investigation in coordination with u.S. Investigators.

The stuttgart-based dax-listed company said it would "cooperate fully" with the investigation. In a press release, daimler further stated: "the company will rigorously investigate any indications of violations of the regulations and take the necessary measures as a matter of course."Experience with u.S. Authorities had "clearly demonstrated that conservative communication supports constructive dialogue with the authorities."".

The mandatory notice says the move to go public was coordinated with the u.S. Department. Daimler is already facing litigation in the u.S. Over alleged emissions manipulations. Vehicle owners from several u.S. States accuse the manufacturer of illegally overstating emission levels.

The plaintiffs accuse the manufacturer of cheating on emissions controls with software called a "defeat device" similar to vw’s. The actual pollutant emissions of several diesel models are allegedly significantly higher than the legal limits. Daimler, however, also emphasized in its latest statement: "otherwise, the company considers the class action lawsuits to be unfounded and will defend itself against them with all legal means."