Eaton improves differential brake “intellitrac”

Cleveland (usa), 14. September 2016 – at the american supplier eaton, components for the drive torque distribution have a via 100-year tradition: already in the basic year 1911, ford supplied with complete rear axles including compensation gears for the legendary model t. Since then, the portfolio has expanded, but the topic of power distribution is still up to date. Today, eaton announces a new generation of his "intellitrac" electrohydraulically controlled equalization gearbox.

It is still based on a slat pack between the right and left drive shaft, which can produce hydraulically infinitely biased the desired torque transmission by means of defined slip between both sides. Salopp therefore calls the anglophone also "elsd (electronic limited slip differential)". It can prevent driving power from being lost in whole or in part on a wheel with poor traction. Because the slippant wheel is braked within the differential basket, the compensation gearbox transfers part of the force to the opposite wheel with good traction.

With the full louver pack

The lamella package is – as in such elsds ubrow – as needed hydraulically with a ring piston. Eaton gives a reaction time of less than 100 ms to the shuttle, which allows, among other things, a prere accumulator, which is always the full operating prere of around 27.6 bar. An electrically driven piston pump stops the upset prere level. The support of the proportional valves for the clutch is carried out via a control device, the interfaces to the other driving dynamics regulations such as anti-lock system (abs), drive slip control (asr) and systems for stability control of the respective vehicle model. The maximum torque transferable with "intellitrac" reaches 5000 nm. Eaton says that the other systems on the market thus transferred by 2000 nm. This makes it suitable for very coarse or powered vehicles.

Impressive enough. The fact that the differential but opposite a four-wheel drive should save about 36 kilograms, as the manufacturer is proudly reported, is just as illuminating as irrelevant. Because a differential brake will never reach the traction benefits of a four-wheel drive. Something happens when the marketectual department picks up and she no engineer is back to the bottom of the facts. Eaton also says – and the goods are now really relevant when concrete competition products were named – that his elsd should undercut the comparable solutions on the market by 9.1 kilograms. In addition, only 20 amps should only consume half of electricity as "some others". You may benefit eaton for such inaccoon information, that the oems often do not want too rough transparency.

Eaton offers "intellitrac" for installation in front and rear axle drives. It should also be easily adaptable for most differentials on the market and thus also used as the equipment option. The first series use of "intellitrac" uses eaton ubligen for 2017 "in a model of a coarse us car manufacturer". Since prominent european and also german carmakers like volkswagen numbers to eaton’s customers, the elsd could even make stucco career.