Driving report: citroen c3 puretech 82

Barcelona, 13. October 2016 – citroen’s most successful car haves c3. Since its market introduction 14 years ago, the small car was sold around 3.5 million times all over the world. In germany, however, berlingo, c4 and c1 are far from. It is possible that the modernized new edition enriched with style elements from the c4 cactus achieves a better quota. We have briefly tried citroens new air paddles with the smallest otto motorization.


After the idiosyncratic c4 cactus achieved considerable success, especially in the youngest clientele, citroen now expands his concept on the small c3. The most conspicuous thing is the so-called airbumps in the treatments, which should have already prevented in the cactus so many delle. As arranged at the cactus in three levels, the lighting elements are now: narrow led daytime running lights up, round headlights in the middle and fog lights below. The frontschurze labat the c3 appears high, chrome-plated bars from the brand logo to the daytime running lights, broader. Black b-suits suggest a continuous window surface, painted on request citroen the roof differently or with motifs. The tail prague now surrounding jerk lights, and the c3 is now a bit of edgy, robust and cheating.

Capture as "engine of the year" award-winning pureech aggregate is in the preserved power levels with 68, 82 or 110 hp, the latter with stop-start automatic. The diesel engine called "blue hdi" is available with 75 or 100 hp, each with a stop start. Serial manual manual transmissions, an optional automatic transmission should follow in april 2017.

The driven 82-hp engine proves to be in the c3 as a leisurely partner, for the spurt from zero to 100 km / h the engine needs up to 14.2 seconds depending on the tires, with the propulsion then at 174 km / h. The average consumption of the 82-horsepower version is optimistic with 4.7 liters at 100 kilometers optimistic. His manual funfgang circuit has habitual expiry long ways. In our story to the c3 picasso we had a little more time to work with this engine. The driving behavior of the c3 is unproblematic: willig he lies through the city traffic, feathered on rough roads and can be lightweight and a little too humid by curves circulating.