Danger button cell: australian handler takes airtag from the program

DANGER Button cell: Australian handler takes airtag from the program

Apple’s airtag locking mechanism ensures arger: the australian trading chain officeworks has taken the small bluetooth trackers from the program shortly after the start of sales – apparently from concern about the relatively easy access to the contained button cell battery.

You can connect the product "in the interim" do not buy there, you are waiting for further instructions of product safety sustainable australian competition and consumer commission (accc), explained officeworks in an opinion gizmodo australia. The handler also work with apple to avoid security concerns.

Print and turn for airtag button cell

The australian regulatory work declared that the matter is related to the button cell battery: one has of concerns about the "accessibility" the button cell in the airtags experienced, so the accc opposite gizmodo. Further details were not known. Other australian handlers seem to leave airtags unnecessary in the program.

Apple emphasized against the page, airtags were designed according to international safety standards for children. Access to the airtag battery requires a two-stage procedure: the back side cover must first be printed down and then turned simultaneously to expose the button cell.

Battery easily accessible

In contrast to some other sensors with button cell battery, for example, from the sports area, airtags are relatively easy to open and the battery can be easily removed afterwards – this is at least practical to swap the button cell (cr2032) after about a year.

Parents should make sure that the metallic airtag cover is always so firmly subled as it is possible and keep the product away from toddlers. Ingestion of a button cell battery is considered life-threatening, in such a case, a doctor should be contacted directly.