Corona: health minister spahn promises free fast tests for all burger

Corona: Health Minister Spahn promises free fast tests for all burger

Federal minister of health jens spahn wants to expand the national test strategy in the fight against the novel coronavirus. From 1. Marz "should all burger be tested for free of trained personnel with antigen-quick tests", the cdu politician explained on tuesday on twitter. Such evidence of special characteristic proteins of sars-cov-2 are now sufficient on the market.

"The municipalities can commission their test centers or pharmacies with such offers", blessed spoon. Also lay self tests should be after their "soon expected at the same time" by the federal institute for medicines and medical devices (bfarm) for all 83 million bundesburgs. The federal ministry of health (bmg) neglect with manufacturers in order to secure quotas for the german market. These test options "can contribute to a safe everyday life", especially in schools and kitas, says spahn.

The federal institute for medicines and medical devices (bfarm) prevents loud frankfurter general sunday newspaper currently, for up to 30 different speed tests, with which medical laymen could also be tested by gurgling or spit within a quarter of an hour. The bfarm ames it to give first at the latest beginning marz.


For details such as the number of free test per month, the expected costs for the federal budget or potential benefits for negatively tested the bmg on request from our site so far. According to reports, the free antigen tests in this country must be accompanied by medically trained personnel and by nostrils. Spit or gurgle tests should be given against a self-proportion of one euro.

On friday, spahn had still changed behavior, as it arrives on the quality of the tests. If these were many wrong negative results, "then there is a risk". Infected people were able to adopt the virus in themselves. The cdu had previously been used for only tests with ce marking to be used.

In principle, spahn has already changed the dispensing ordinance for medical devices so that self-tests are admitted. The spd parliamentary group had a weekend "quick concept" demanded for the use of self-tests, as long as insufficient vaccine is available. The minister of health has changed it for a long time to launch a broad test strategy.

Osterreich ahead

Spahn’s project follows a comparable of the easter rich government. This had been confused on monday that for each of the nearly nine million inhabitants of the land could give monthly up to five self-test for example from the pharmacy free. They are intended for self-control alone.

According to scientists, reliable rapid tests were able to play an important role in the juxtaposition for home use "normal everyday life" to play. Physicians, virologens, mathematicians, politologists and ocons published a call for an elimination strategy in the sense of the "no-covid"-concepts based on three souls: vaccinations, green zones and strategies and technologies for tests and tracking contacts with infected.

High virus load notified

Quick tests hit particularly well when a high virus load is. People who are heavily contagious can be easily recognized well. Infected with low virus load, however, can not be discovered. More expensive and more expensive tests using the polymerase chain reaction (pcr), for which a mouth or nasal seal is carried out, are the more reliable alternative.

Doctors recommend to pay attention to the leaflet for testing offerings to get to know the sensitivity and the duration of accurate detection as well as the specification. The latter says if it is actually measured, which should be occupied.

Quick tests are usually based on the detection of antigens or antibodies. The specific protein (immunoglobulins) formed by the immune system attached itself to the virus or one of its antigens. Roughest handicap in anticoper tests: you first suggest spat in the course of an infection if already enough antigens in the blood are already formed. This is always a few days after the occurrence of symptoms the case. After about seven to ten days, the anti-body concentration reaches its maximum value, since such a test is most sensitive.