Bmw technologies for over the morning

Bmw technologies for over the morning

Munchen, 29. Marz 2010 – an insight into the research centers of the automakers is normally reserved for a few. Too crude is the fear of the companies that know-how could fall into the hands of competitors. Bmw has approval of the 25. Birthday of his ideas forge "think tank" some things open and shown, what is currently being researched.

Less emissions after cold start

For years, bmw has been researching in the field of hydrogen technology. But the munchener but not only on the use of hydrogen in internal combustion engines or fuel cells in mind. Also for less emissions after the cold start in gasoline and diesel engines, hydrogen can be used. A solution in this area present the muncher with the so-called reformer technology in an otherwise standard-mabulous 1er bmw. In view of the demanding emission limit values of euro 5 and euro 6, the first seconds after a cold start are difficult, because catalysts are deployed their complete effect only after the so-called claimature. The reformer technology attacks exactly at this point and significantly reduces emissions at cold start.

Clean with synthesis gas

The technique can be used in both gasoline and diesel engines. The system is sitting in the intake range and consists of a mixing zone, an injection valve, a zund candle and a special catalyst, in the fuel under low acid­tomb supply is partially oxidized. In order to start the reform operation, first a slightly fat mixture (lambda value approx. 0.9) generated and serrated. Thus, the catalyst behind the mixing zone reaches its operating temperature within a very short time. Thereafter, in the mixing zone, an extremely fat mixture (lambda values of approx. 0.33) generated, which is split into a synthesis gas in the catalyst. This fatty mixture is no longer serrated, because the kat already has the current temperature. The catalytic process causes a separation of the hydrocarbon chains (cxhy), whereby a synthesis gas from hydrogen (around 21 percent), carbon monoxide (around 24 percent) and nitrogen is generated. This gas is injected over the injectors in the intake area. During the warm-up phase, it can replace the frosted fuel completely. Since it burns almost backlessly, the for the emission behavior critical phase becomes a particularly clean operating state immediately after the cold start according to bmw.