Belgium: government coalition with flamic separatists

New minister prosident should become the wallone charles michel

135 days after the parliamentary election in belgium, four parties have agreed on a coalition: they should be beside the flamic liberals from the open vld, the flamic christian democrats from the cdv and the walloon liberals from the mr also enrated the flamic separatists of the n-va, which had become strongest party in may with 33 out of a total of 150 mandates.

The participation of the n-va is noteworthy in that the party (which in the european parliament as well as the scottish national party of the group from grununen and regional parties belonged) wants to convert belgium into a convector, in which the individual parts of the land the coarse part of the state tasks rules. In the long term, the n-va chairman bears bart de wever "evaporate" belgium.

The new bundry, which as the belgian press due to the party colors as "sweden coalition" designated in parliament has a majority of ten mandates: to the 33 seats of the n-va come 20 of the mr, 18 of the cdv and 14 of the open vld added.

Minister prosident of the new belgian government should be the wallone charles michel from the mr. This also applies as compensation for that that the coalition consists of three dutch and only a french-speaking party. The cdv, who wanted to install her member kristiaan peeters as ministerial presents, was allowed to nominate marianne thyssen as a eu commissioner.

Languages in belgium. Grun: dutch. Red: french. Blue: german. Map: lennart bolks. License: public domain.

Who receives which ministerial departments is not fixed yet. The program to which the four parties agreed should only be announced in the next few days. To the individual content, which in advance, is a gradual increase in the retirement age, against which the n-va and the mr had opposed in the election campaign.

In addition, the expenditure of the central government should be massively procured, but also the revenue is also increased. In this way, the government debt wants to get under control, which did not succeed.